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RockShox Sektor Front Suspension Fork

pinit fg en rect gray 20   RockShox Sektor Front Suspension Fork

rockshox sektor front suspension fork   RockShox Sektor Front Suspension Fork

RockShox will soon unveil its new family for front suspension called Sektor. The Sektor is tagged as the “new bulldog in the 150mm travel arena”. After the release of Revelation, RockShox took product development one step further with the Sektor, marketing it to be the fork that allows diversified choices.

The Sektor gives you three spring options: Coil (130, 140, 150mm), Solo-Air (130, 140, 150mm) and U-Turn (100-140mm or 110-150mm). It has 9mm QR and Maxle Lite offerings of 15×100 or 20×110.

Other features of the Sektor includes motion control (RL), turnkey lockout (TL) and external rebound (R) for its damping system. It is also made with hollow 6061 T-6 aluminum crown with 32mm 7075 aluminum tubes. The external rebound adjuster is enhanced and additional offerings for the new front suspension fork include compatibility with 1 1/8” Aluminum steerer, 1 1/8” to 1.5” tapered aluminum steerer, 1.5” aluminum steerer.

MSRP of $471, the…

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DT Swiss New Mountain Bike Forks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   DT Swiss New Mountain Bike Forks

dt swiss new mountain bike forks   DT Swiss New Mountain Bike Forks

DT Swiss launches new models for their suspension fork products. Having acquired Pace in 2006, this is a first for DT Swiss to engineer and design their very own suspension forks. With the use of the new technology, better models were manufactured for their product line.

The technology DT Swiss developed involved a change in the damping system. They applied the Twin Shot damping system to their 100mm travel XRC and XC forks. The goal here is to maximize control and how well it can be adjusted.

For the 32mm forks, DT Swiss placed a magnesium Torsion Box arch lower leg assembly. It provides a stiff yet light lower similar to the carbon made ones. The 130mm and 150mm travel EXM forks have the Launch Control II as its damping system.

Across all new fork models except for the XC, DT Swiss utilizes the Auto Balancing Spring (ABS) system. The ABS functions to…

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Hoffman Bikes Seth Kimbrough Signature Forks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hoffman Bikes Seth Kimbrough Signature Forks

hoffman bikes seth kimbrough signature forks   Hoffman Bikes Seth Kimbrough Signature Forks

Professional BMX rider and Hoffman Bikes team member Seth Kimbrough received a signature fork that is available to the public. Feel apart of the team, the Hoffman Bikes Seth Kimbrough Signature Forks are made of 100% heat treated 4130 chromoly, integrated headset, 4mm CNC’d drop out, HB Alloy Pressure Bolt, and single butted fluted with taper fork legs. Weighing in at 33 ounces, available colors are luster pearl, flat teal, flat black and neon green. Retail price is $109.99

Source: Transworld

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Bontrager Race Lite Forks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bontrager Race Lite Forks

bontrager race lite forks2   Bontrager Race Lite Forks

Forks are a very important and often overlooked bicycle component. Long story short, without forks, you don’t go anywhere. And with bad forks, you might get where you’re going, but you may end up walking back. They support the entire front end of your bike and endure a great deal of stress, so make sure you have good ones. The Bontrager Race Lite Forks feature aero profile HCM carbon legs with enough strength to hold you up, as well as to endure the rigors of everyday riding. They also feature a one-piece steerer tube, and come in a black and carbon finish. Head over to the Trek online store to purchase the Bontrager Race Lite Forks for $279.99….

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