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2011 RockShox SID World Cup

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 RockShox SID World Cup

2011 rockshox sid world cup   2011 RockShox SID World Cup RockShox’s Revelation gets revamped for 2011 in a World Cup design. It now gets to use the Dual Position Air spring system which gives a 30mm approximation on travel adjustment down to 120mm. This can be done easily with a flick on the lever at the right side of the crown. It also uses the Motion Control damping systems with 32mm aluminum upper tubes.
The travel for the 2011 RockShox Revelation World Cup is 150mm and is highlighted with its one-piece carbon fiber steerer which is tapered to be light yet retains the stiffness of the fork. It has the 15mm Maxle Lite option for 120mm.
The updated Revelation World Cup aims to make climbing easy yet still provides you the thrill of the ride on the trail. It weighs 3.28lbs…

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2011 DT Swiss Forks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 DT Swiss Forks

2011 dt swiss forks 1 106x300   2011 DT Swiss ForksFor 2011, DT Swiss adds new models to its line of forks, the XRC 100 Race fork and the EXM 150 fork. Weighing 1170 grams, the XRC 100 has a Twin Shot damping system and a 28.6mm uppers. The lowers, the crown and steerer tube are all made from high modulus carbon fiber.

The Twin Damping system featured on the fork allows you to control 100mm of travel. It also comes with an optional remote control lever. Outside the frame, you may do some adjustments like low-sped or internal high-speed rebound and compression.

The EXM 150 fork is designed for trail/endure rides. It weighs 1645 grams and gives you 150mm of travel. There is a Torsion box created from magnesium. This is why the EXM 150 is so stiff. The uppers are 32mm aluminum and it has the DT Swiss technology Launch Control II with an open oil bath…

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Black Mamba Forks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Black Mamba Forks

black mamba forks 300x172   Black Mamba Forks

The Black Mamba forks from Volume Bikes prove to be one of its strongest yet lightest forks. Volume created the forks from 4130 chromoly and had it undergo a 20/20 heat-treating process for a stronger finish. It has a 1-1/8” threadless steerer tube with a built-in crown race for 45º x 45º bearings. The steerer tube extends to 167mm.

The Black Mamba forks also have 4mm dropouts and peg cut-outs. It has 11/8” O.D. legs and comes with an alloy 3/8” ratchet hole compression bolt. The Black Mamba forks weigh 29.8 oz. and are available in black and white colorways. …

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Deco BMX 2010 Products

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Deco BMX 2010 Products

new deco products 1 300x200   Deco BMX 2010 ProductsChad DeGroot has come up with a top of the line product for Deco. Currently released by Deco are frames, bars, forks and small components.

The Deco Self Titled Frame has a 74.5 head tube, a 71 seat tube and a rear end of 13.5 inches. The frame, which weighs 4lbs 15 oz (20.5 version), features a 11.87 MID bottom bracket height. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The sizes available are 20”, 20.5” and 21”. The colors now available are Raw, Black and Grey. There it also comes in Raw for custom painting. The frame has a $329.95 price tag.

Not to be left unnoticed is the Deco FuForks with steep 28mm rake FuForks and removable 990 tabs. It features a remarkable 1 piece machined steer, CR-MO blades and a full heat-treated CR-MO dropout at only a weight of 32.8 ounces. Its .8 oz. Compression bolt…

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Shadow Conspiracy 026 Creeper Forks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shadow Conspiracy 026 Creeper Forks

shadow conspiracy 026 creeper forks fork   Shadow Conspiracy 026 Creeper Forks

If you are looking for something to spice up your BMX, then the Shadow Conspiracy forks can do that for you. Shadow Conspiracy introduces their 026 Forks to those riders who are tired of the old fork design. Designed to create a steeper rake, these forks allows a faster turning response making it ideal for front end tricks.

The Shadow Conspiracy 026 Forks have legs with unique features. The bottom and leg cap are formed together and designed to be as one tube. This way, they create lesser welds and thus creating a stronger fork leg.

The Shadow Conspiracy can guarantee a lifetime warranty on all forks to the original user. These forks are 100% heat-treated that’s why they are made stronger, performs a quicker steering and has a steeper offset. They are also built with 4130 full chromoly Sanko butted tubing. The Shadow forks are internally and externally machined…

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Marzocchi Corsa Super Leggera

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Marzocchi Corsa Super Leggera

marzocchi corsa super leggera   Marzocchi Corsa Super LeggeraFor years, the company Marzocchi has been redesigning and creating something out of the ordinary forks that’s riders have. This year, they finally made that happen resulting to the new Marzocchi Corsa Super Leggera forks.

Complete with the right design this time, this is probably the lightest Marzocchi fork that has been created for years. It took them a year to come up with an intricate design, making changes and such that optimizes each part via finite element analysis. With this they produced a 1.49kg (or 3.28 lbs) 80/100mm travel fork.

To reduce weight since less oil is needed, a new low AER air system is added to this with a fixed piston in the closed cartridge. They also redesigned the damping system. Now the threshold valve can be adjusted through a top-mounted dial. There is also a remote bar mounted lockout lever for it be adjusted.

They also paid…

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X-Fusion Vengeance Fork

pinit fg en rect gray 20   X Fusion Vengeance Fork

x fusion vengeance fork   X Fusion Vengeance Fork

The X-Fusion Vengeance fork line is one of the most anticipated products in the company’s line up. Keeping true to X-Fusion’s commitment on superb quality suspension products, the Vengeance underwent extreme testing and passed with flying colors.

The Vengeance HLR is a twin-tube fork with a cartridge based damper system. It has a compression feature than can be adjusted independently as well as rebound damping. With the HLR, you can customize the damping feature to suit your preferred style of riding and set-up. Maximum damping control is placed in your hands. The compression can be adjusted to high and low speed.

The Vengeance RC has share similar quality features with the HLR. The compression for the RC can only be adjusted to low speed. Both forks are sold with stock travel of 160mm and have 36mm aluminum stanchion. The stock travel can be shortened to 100-130mm if the need arises. Together with…

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