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Niner Carbon Fork

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Niner Carbon Fork

niner carbon fork   Niner Carbon Fork

Garnering a Eurobike 2010 Award for advance design features, the Niner Carbon Rigid Fork aims to exceed any of your expectations when it comes to performance. Passing CEN standards for strength, reliability and safety, the carbon fork also has a monocoque construction that highlights a single mold fork. The construction of the fork as a one-piece full carbon only includes tiny metal blades bonded on the dropouts for protection and threaded inserts on the sic mount.

The Carbon Rigid Fork measures 470mm in axle to crown length and 47mm offset. It can fit up to 185mm rotors. Lightweight at 565 grams, the carbon fork is available in 10 colors: Vana white, atomic blue, hot tamale, Kermit green, tang, nude carbon, Godzilla green, moondust grey, solid gold, and A&W rootbeer.

The Niner Carbon Rigid Fork comes in 1 1/8 option or tapered. It boasts of a no rider weight limit and also…

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Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Forks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Forks

shadow conspiracy vultus forks 300x103   Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Forks

The Vultus fork from Shadow Conspiracy is one of the companies newest products for 2011. It features a lightweight heat treated tapered tubing and is available in six colors (highlighter blue, highlighter yellow, red, white, purple and black). Made of 4130 Sanko chromoly, fluted and butted, the Vultus weighs 29.8 oz.

Shadow Conspiracy saw to it that strength and quality is evident on the Vultus with 6061 hard anodized alloy top cap and a one piece steer tube. For more responsive steering, there’s a 26mm offset and 4mm thick dropouts.

To make the fork unique, Shadow Conspiracy added a stamped out Vultus coffin detail and two indentations as a guide for cutting the steer tube. The Vultus retails at $129.99.

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2011 SR Suntour Durolux RCA Fork

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SR Suntour Durolux RCA Fork

2011 sr suntour durolux rca fork 200x300   2011 SR Suntour Durolux RCA ForkFor 2011, SR Suntour unveils its long travel single crown fork, the Durolux RCA. It features a 20mm Q-LOC axle system and has magnesium lowers. The Durolux RCA fork comes in travel options of 140mm, 160mm and 180mm.

It has taperwall aluminum stanchions and uses a two piston design. The dual piston works for compression and rebound. The SR Suntour Durolux RCA fork has adjustable damping system and the two pistons have a shim stack for controlled high speed damping.

You won’t find any plastic on the fork. There’s an adjustable low speed compression which can manage brake drive. This will also allow you to control the fork when setting up for corners and rebounds at the bottom of the fork leg. The right leg of the SR Suntour Durolux RCA fork holds a cartridge for damping oil containment.

Source: PinkBike

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2011 Cannondale Lefty Forks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Cannondale Lefty Forks

2011 cannondale lefty forks 182x300   2011 Cannondale Lefty ForksCannondale worked with RockShox on giving the Lefty forks new specs. The new Lefty uses RockShox Solo Air design and 1.5” headtube. It also has 25mm to 15mm axle and a dual-crown design. The compression damping makes the Lefty firmer and the square stauchion creates a mechanical movement with its needle bearings.

It also has a built-in low-speed compression valve and a 2.0 hole size. Air volume for the forks can be adjusted with spacers at the bottom of the air chamber with the removal of the lower cap. All of these modifications make the Lefty a stiffer and smoother fork.

The 2011 Lefty has two versions, the XLR and PBR. The XLR or the X-Loc and Rebound has a Floodgate knob used to remove air. This feature is present in RockShox forks to set the blowoff. The XLR has the RockShox X-Loc hydraulic remote lockout. The lockout features a…

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2011 Marzocchi 29er Forks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Marzocchi 29er Forks

marzocchi 29er forks 1 200x300   2011 Marzocchi 29er ForksFor 2011, Marzocchi reintroduces the 44 series forks. Currently, these are the only 140mm travel 29-inch forks on the market. The 44 Micro Ti and the 44 TST2 are based on Marzocchi’s 44 suspension model fork. The new forks has a travel of 100mm to 140mm. The travel is adjustable with the use of spacers which you may add or remove.

The 44 Micro Ti features a VA (variable air) adjuster which gives the compression curve you want through a dial. It also has a TST Micro damper with adjustable rebound, lockout and lockout threshold. It also features AER, a new low pressure air system that gives a plush ride with Titanium negative spring. It retails for £599.95.

The 44 TST2 uses the TST2 damper which has a single valve open bath low-pressure air spring with negative spring to keep the fork smooth and easy to ride with. It still has…

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Volume Bikes Thrasher Forks

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Volume Bikes Thrasher Forks

volume bikes thrasher forks 1   Volume Bikes Thrasher Forks

Since the Volume Bikes Thrasher frame released sometime back, many wondered when the forks would drop, and now they have!

Volume bikes thrasher forks are designed for tricks and to consume abuse. This is achieved by heat treatment to the tubing (4130 Heat-Treated CRMO). Weighing in at 2 pounds 6 ounces (with 300 mm steerer). Some specifications are 4.0 mm dropouts, 32.0 mm fork rake, 405 mm axle to crown length, 30.0 crown race, and 1-1/8″ Threadless steerer tube.

Each Volume Thrasher fork has a Lifetime Warranty, and comes in flat black, white, raw, and gold (limited edition).

Source: Prolly is not Probably

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2011 RockShox SID RLT

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 RockShox SID RLT

2011 rockshox sid rlt 300x300   2011 RockShox SID RLTThe RockShox SID RLT has been updated for 2011. It now has 2 chassis options available, the 120mm and the 80/100mm travel. It has a lightweight PowerBulge lower bushing system and a 15mm Maxle Lite option. There’s a disc brake hose guide and a tapered carbon fiber crown steerer.

The RockShox SID RLT 120mm travel fork weighs 3.27lbs while the 80-100mm fork slimmed down to 2.97lbs. BlackBox Dual Air springs and a Motion Control damping system is in place. With a forged crown made from hollow AL66 TV Aluminum, the RockShox SID RLT goes well with Monarch and Ario rear shock.

The 2011 RockShox SID RLT has 32mm upper tubes from 7000 series straight wall aluminum material. They have been anodized with sag gradients. The maximum rotor size is 185mm and comes in colors black and white with new graphics.

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