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Manitou Dorado 2010 29er Fork

manitou dorado 2010 29er fork   Manitou Dorado 2010 29er Fork

The 2010 version of the Dorado is Manitou’s upgraded DH fork, available in 29′er and 26′er. The 2010 Manitou Dorado Pro is highlighted for its 7050 aluminum legs and uses the same quality internals as with the Dorado MRD carbon version.

More than your regular DH fork, the 2010 Manitou Dorado Pro can now be used for park, free-ride and big mountain runs. It has a unique hydraulic bottoming ramp-up with TPC+ damping and a plush top-out.

Other improvements on the fork are the two-chamber low pressure air spring which makes set-up easy to do and allows optimal fork performance. Removing the valve at the bottom of the leg for tuning the air spring pressure, this can now be done by a valve at the top of the fork. The two chambers functions to equalize the pressure when a shock pump is attached to it.

When it comes to mount hardware, the fork…

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Wethepeople Scorpio Fork

wethepeople scorpio fork   Wethepeople Scorpio Fork

Wethepeople has brought out a new BMX fork called the Scorpio, and is said by the brand that the Scorpio forks are different from other companies due to the dropout and 15mm of the bottom part of the blade is one piece, and uses a casted piece that is welded into the blade. The Wethepeople Scorpio Fork features new magma heat treatment, 4130 crmo, fully cnc’d single butted steerer, and light tapered blades. Weight is 2.13 pounds, and is available in flat black, flat eggplant, flat luminous red, and flat pearl grey.

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Kinesis Racelight 7075 Winter Fork

kinesis racelight 7075 winter fork   Kinesis Racelight 7075 Winter Fork

Kinesis brings us the new Racelight 7075 Winter Fork that will look nice on your road bike. Getting to the specifics, the Kinesis Racelight 7075 Winter Fork features tapered and butted 7075 blades, 11/8″ alloy steerer for use with a integrated headset, and can work with long drop brakes. Crown height is 374mm, while these forks only weigh 650 grams. The graphics on the Kinesis Racelight 7075 Winter fork will go smoothly with the 2010 Kinesis UK Frames. Retail is about $96 USD, more pictures below.

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NS Bikes Analog Trick Frame + Fork 2010

ns bikes analog trick frame fork 2010   NS Bikes Analog Trick Frame + Fork 2010

NS Bikes Analog fixed gear bike uses the aftermarket frame and fork provided by the company. Both are trick setup for tearing up the local parks or riding the streets, but still overall light. Constructed with parts that go well with the NS Bikes Analog Trick Frame, while using the same tubes as their dirt jumping frames. Best part is, you don’t have to use the NS Bikes Analog Trick Frame and Fork 2010 for tricks, it is built to commute and get around town. Featuring 100% cromoly tubing made by Tange Japan, and designed for a short reach stem.

Source: Pedalconsumption

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