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2012 Salsa Cycles CroMoto Fork

2012 salsa cycles cromoto fork   2012 Salsa Cycles CroMoto Fork

One of the most recommended forks on the market today has been introduced by Salsa Cycles for 2012. Named CroMoto, this fork is built from a Salsa Classico CroMoly that makes it outstanding both for replacement and upgrade purposes.

The CroMoto is a full CroMoly fork, which comes with forward-facing stainless steel dropouts and a 11/8in CroMoly steerer. Moreover, the suspension of this fork has been corrected for new forks with buying viagra in canada less than 80mm travel or older forks with 80mm travel suspension.
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While the 2012 Salsa Cycles CroMoto Fork is lightweight, it is also incredibly rigid. On the other hand, the fork is not abusive so it is perfect for riders who are fond of retro items. Removable cantilever bosses will be featured by its 425mm version.


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2012 Pinarello FP Quattro Shimano Ultegra Road Bike with Onda FPK1 Fork

2012 pinarello fp quattro shimano ultegra road bike with onda fpk1 fork   2012 Pinarello FP Quattro Shimano Ultegra Road Bike with Onda FPK1 Fork

Designed with female roadies in mind, the FP Quattro Shimano Ultegra is a road bike released by Pinarello for 2012, which features the new Onda FPK1 fork. On the fork crown is a 1 1/8” – 1 1/2” coning, which significantly enhances safety and rigidity.

Pinarello LAB has developed an iCR internal cable routing system that features asymmetric rear stays. The FP Quattro Shimano Ultegra used this new system as well as an oversized bottom bracket called Most(R) Croxover, which is tried and tested.

All the qualities female roadies are looking for in a bike are offered by the 2012 Pinarello FP Quattro Shimano Ultegra Road Bike with Onda FPK1 Fork. Thanks to its high-quality frame and fork, geometries, and asymmetric tubes. In a size 54, the frame weighs in at 1100g.

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2012 Manitou Minute Expert Fork

2012 manitou minute expert fork   2012 Manitou Minute Expert Fork

One of the latest forks that has been released by Manitou for 2012 is the Minute Expert. Weighting in at 1906g, the Minute Expert features 80mm, 100mm, and 130mm of travel and a 9mm axle. The leg of the fork has a 32mm diameter and is made of 7050 straight wall aluminum.

Highlight of the fork are its MILO-compatible damping, which features in externally adjustable low speed and internally tunable high speed. While its deep bore hollow crown is very lightweight, its strength is not compromised.

Black anodized finished, its crown is a forged I-Beam. Like the other Manitou forks for 2012, the 2012 Manitou Minute Expert Fork has rebound, air, and compression to lockout adjustments. Other features are rubber bumper bottom out, 1.1/8” steel steerer, and post mount brakes.

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2012 Manitou Circus Comp Fork

2012 manitou circus comp fork   2012 Manitou Circus Comp Fork

Taking pride in its incredible strength, stiffness, and light weight is the 2012 Manitou Circus Comp Fork. Weighing in at 2133g, the new Circus Comp has impressive specs and configurations. It is very similar to the Circus Expert, which is included in the 2012 range of Manitou forks.

Aside from the Jumpstack damping that is completely tuned for dirt jump, the Circus Comp is specced with several adjustments, which are compression, air preload, lockout and rebound. Its firm spring comes with the air preload adjustment.

Moreover, the fork features an aluminum steerer and 32mm straight wall 7050 stanchions as well as forged aluminum crown. Featured by its configurations are 20mm Hexlock axle, Post Mount brake mounts, and ride heights of 80mm, 100mm, and 130mm.

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2012 Manitou Dorado Pro Fork

2012 manitou dorado pro fork   2012 Manitou Dorado Pro Fork

After the great success of the Dorado MRD, Manitou is releasing another high-quality fork called Dorado Pro for 2012. Aside from the chassis, all of the details of the previous Dorado MRD and this new Dorado Pro are the same.

To meet the strict demands of word-class athletes, this new fork still guarantees unrivaled performance with its specially selected components, including the TPC+ damper, dual-chamber air spring, and the hydraulic top-out and bottom-out circuits.

Although it is an exact reproduction of the Dorado MRD, the new 2012 Manitou Dorado Pro Fork has aluminum legs and crown instead of carbon fiber. Weighing in at 2.97lkg, the all black anodized Dorado Pro offers 180 and 203mm travel and 20mm HexLock hub interface.

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2012 RockShox Reba RLT 29er Fork

2012 rockshox reba rlt 29er fork1   2012 RockShox Reba RLT 29er Fork

One of the 29er forks released by RockShox for 2012 is the Reba RLT. Weighing in at only 1584g with a tapered steer tube and 9mm QR dropouts, the new Reba RLT is incredibly lightweight and is just 2g heavier than the SID World Cup XX 29er fork.

With the same new lighter lower chassis used in the SID 29er, the Reba RLT saved weight dropping as much as 150g over the earlier model. Included in the lockout types is the Push Loc or Pop Loc remote. Other changes in the fork are the new sag gradient markers on the stanchions.

Finally, the 2012 RockShox Reba RLT 29er Fork gets a 15mm thru-axle Maxle option for the shorter 80mm and 100mm travel sizes. The only downside is that along with the RL model, the RLT will be an OEM option only at the moment.

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2012 Marzocchi Corsa Superleggera 29er Fork

2012 marzocchi corsa superleggera 29er fork   2012 Marzocchi Corsa Superleggera 29er Fork

Marzocchi, the famous Italian fork maker, has launched a brand new carbon-crowned 29er fork for 2012 called the Corsa Superleggera. Specifically built for 29″ wheels, this lightweight model covers XC 29er bikes range and offers enough clearance for wider tires.

Featured by the 2012 Marzocchi Corsa Superleggera 29er Fork is an entirely reengineered air system that no competitor can outperform. Also redesigned slightly is the TST Micro with the black top lever starting the Micro system controlling compression and the fork leg’s lower part adjusting rebound.

Both an alloy and full carbon crown/steerer will be available. The internally adjustable travel comes in 80, 100, and 120mm. The nickel plated stanchions of Marzocchi are very smooth and its other 29er forks has very impressive action and small bump sensitivity.

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