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2012 Hudora Joey Running Bike for Kids

2012 hudora joey running bike for kids   2012 Hudora Joey Running Bike for Kids

For those who want to hone their kids’ motor skills, coordination, and balance, Hudora Bikes has released a new running bike for kids. Named Hudora Joey, this running bike allows very young boys and girls to ride bikes without training wheels.

Suitable for boys and girls aged 2 to 5 years old, the Hudora Joey is designed both as an exciting toy and a very useful training tool. Its wooden wheels, which have a 32cm diameter, are provided with air filled tires. The bike can also be maneuvered with foam handle grips and a modifiable height seat.
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Since it has no mechanical parts, the 2012 Hudora Joey Running Bike for Kids is very lightweight and maintenance free. As compared to traditional bikes for kids, the Hudora Joey weighs less than half, so it can be easily carried even by kids. This durable wooden bike only weighs in…

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2012 Cube Team Kid 200 Mountain Bike for Kids

2012 cube team kid 200 mountain bike for kids   2012 Cube Team Kid 200 Mountain Bike for Kids

Ideal for children who are ready for a 20in mountain bike is the new Team Kid 200 from Cube Bikes. In order to offer the attention to detail and quality that is as excellent as those of their adult bike range, Cube Bikes carefully selected the components of the Team Kid 200.

Designed with the little racers-to-be in mind, this 20in kids mountain bike is built from a 6061er aluminum heat-treated KID-geometry frame with a Hi-Ten rigid fork. These make it a serious machine for young ambitious mountain bike riders. Both the boy and girl versions are aesthetically nice, as well.

Weighing in at 10.5kg, the 2012 Cube Team Kid 200 Mountain Bike for Kids is an excellent child’s machine. This lightweight kid’s bike works well for boys and girls aged five years or more and is ready to enter the exciting world of mountain bike riding….

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2012 Blank Hustla 18in BMX Bike for Kids

2012 blank hustla 18in bmx bike for kids   2012 Blank Hustla 18in BMX Bike for Kids

Designed with young riders in mind, the new Hustla introduced by Blank Bikes for 2012 is one of the most recommended BMX bicycles for children. For undersized riders who want to enhance their BMX skills, this 18in BMX bike is the perfect machine as it offers the same feel given by 20in models.

The Hustla has a lot of amazing features to pride itself on, first of which is its compact size with plain 18in wheels. This makes the Hustla the ideal bike for children who have outgrown their 16in-wheel BMX machine but are still not ready for a full-size one.
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Everything on the 2012 Blank Hustla BMX Bike for Kids is proportionally slimmed down to allow children to efficiently get into the BMX scene at a really young age. Along with its Blank 1020 Hi-Ten frame and fork is a rear…

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2012 Novara Moxie 24in Bike for Kids

2012 novara moxie 24in bike for kids   2012 Novara Moxie 24in Bike for Kids

A new bike for kids made for daily adventures is the Moxie 24in, released by Novara for 2012. This bike has a lot of child-friendly feature to take pride in, such as its easy-to-use Tektro linear-pull brakes, which are very powerful and reliable.

Thanks to the 21-speed drivetrain, as well as the smooth Shimano derailleurs, there are many gear options to choose from when handling ups and downs. Incredibly lightweight, the Moxie 24in’s 6061 aluminum frame features excellent responsiveness and durability so kids can easily manage the bike.

With its quick-release front wheel, the 2012 Novara Moxie 24in Bike for Kids can be easily transported in the car or on top. While this bike firmly grips in the dirt, it smoothly rolls on the streets as well, thanks to its Kenda tires that feature a sturdy multi-use tread design.

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