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2012 Tern Verge Duo Folding Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Tern Verge Duo Folding Bike

2012 tern verge duo folding bike 2   2012 Tern Verge Duo Folding Bike

Winning the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for 2012 is the new Tern Verge Duo. Loaded with state-of-the-art elements, this folding bike was chosen by a panel of 30 experts from around the world among 4,515 products submitted by 1,800 designers and manufacturers from 58 countries.

One of the major features of this 25-pound folding bike is its ability to fold in as fast as 10 seconds only without losing its reliable torsional stiffness. Making it a smooth and clean looking urban commuter is its cable-free design, BioLogic FreeDrive chain cover, rear rack, kickstand, light, and fenders.

Depending on the rider’s speed, the SRAM Automatix 2 speed hub of the 2012 Tern Verge Duo Folding Bike is designed to shift up and down automatically. Integrated into the bike’s seatpost is the BioLogic post pump. The bike also has BioLogic Arx grips featuring an integrated 4-,…

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Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail Downhill Folding Mountain Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail Downhill Folding Mountain Bike

ortovox mountainskyver trail downhill mountain e bike 1   Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail Downhill Folding Mountain Bike

In attempt to bring PURE pleasure into downhill mountain biking, Ortovox delivers the Mountainskyver Trail.

The Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail is actually a mountain bike and scooter hybrid. Featuring full suspension and disc brakes, but lacing a seatpost, gears, pedals, or chain. This mountain bike/scooter is purely for downhill riding (or coasting, depending how you look at it).

Since the bike folds down and can be placed into one of the special backpacks available, you can hike uphill and enjoy nature, but coast back down.

For now, the bike is available in white/blue.

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2012 Dawes Diamond 20in Folding Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Dawes Diamond 20in Folding Bike

2012 dawes diamond 20in folding bike   2012 Dawes Diamond 20in Folding Bike

Dawes Cycles has launched a new affordable machine for commuters in 2012. Named Diamond, this compact 20in folding bike is a handy companion for those who commute on a daily basis. While its weight has been made as low as possible, its reliable strength is still maintained.

Storing the Diamond in the office or on a train is hassle-free as its red folding frame is designed to collapse very easily. Its Shimano three-speed Nexus gearing system guarantees a smooth urban ride while its Hi-tensile steel unicrown fork makes it even stronger.

For commuters who are looking for a simple but stylish bike, the 2012 Dawes Diamond 20in Folding Bike is a great pick. In order to make sure that it maintains its right position when riding, this folding bike is built with a three-point locking mechanism.

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2011 Kansi 3twenty

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Kansi 3twenty

2011 kansi 3twenty   2011 Kansi 3twenty

Kansi launched a new UK-designed mid-range folding bike called the 2011 3twenty. Aside from being a folding bike that rides well, the 3twenty is one the bikes that Kansi claims to fit into the modern riders’ lifestyles and reflect their personalities.

What’s nice about the 3twenty is that riders can color-coordinate the bike. Riders just have to register the bike online to avail of the free pack called the mykansi box, which features different color decals, grip collars and end-caps. This will also upgrade the warranty to three years.

Making the 2011 Kansi 3twenty folding bike stiff and strong are the hinges, which hold the frame firm so it tackles very well. Thanks also to its Avid Single Digit V-brakes that allow for a nice stopping and slowing down and to the Sram T3 hub gears for less maintenance.

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2011 Dahon Mu EX Folding Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Dahon Mu EX Folding Bike

2011 dahon mu ex folding bike   2011 Dahon Mu EX Folding Bike

Equipped with top quality components, the 2011 Dahon Mu EX is a great no-compromise speed bike. This folding bike is amazingly stiff but light, and extremely fast. Featuring all around performance, the Dahon Mu Ex is such a versatile machine that can tackle leisurely rides and sprinting to work.

Easy shifting and perfect precision is guaranteed, thanks to its SRAM Red drive train. It owes its favorable weight and stiffness ratio to the SRAM red front and rear derailleurs and shift levers.

With the Fusion XP+ headset that has a zero stack profile, the 2011 Dahon Mu EX Folding Bike allows a virtually seamless transition between fork, frame head tube, and handlepost. Sealed cartridge bearings are featured by the Fusion XP+ features.

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2011 Montague Boston Folding Single Speed Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Montague Boston Folding Single Speed Bike

2011 montague boston bike   2011 Montague Boston Folding Single Speed Bike

The 2011 Montague Boston bike is a single speed full-size bike that features 700c-wheels, great for cruising around the city. The Boston bike is powered by a single speed 42 x 16t drivetrain, a low weight drivetrain geared-perfect for city riding, which centers around the flip-flop hub that allows the rear wheel to operate as either a fixed gear or free-wheel set up in a simple manner. It provides a simple yet good performance for a typical urban rider.

The frame is designed on a patented folding system that eliminates the need to disassemble the frame in order to fold the bike. Folding would only take less than 20 seconds with just one flip of its installed CLIX system with a quick release lever on the top tube that makes the bike fold to a compact size. The Folding Integrated Technology implemented by Montague is based on frame construction concepts…

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Areaware Strida LT Folding Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Areaware Strida LT Folding Bike

areaware strida lt 300x266   Areaware Strida LT Folding Bike

The Strida LT from Areaware Transport is the new triangular framed bike that could be easily handled and folded into a lightweight and compact form. It can be stored in a closet, in your car compartment or hand-carried on a train ride. The frame is 7000 series Powder-coated Rust proof aluminum and has a Kevlar Greaseless Belt Drive train.

The Strida has 16” nylon wheels and cable disc brakes. It features a single speed of 56 gear inches with a welded bottom bracket. The handlebars come with gel grips and are mounted horizontally to accommodate upright comfortable sitting position, which gives a clear view of the road. Weighing in at only 22 lbs, the frame could accommodate a gross weight of 220 lbs and a height limit of 64”-76”. When folded it resume a size of 45”x 20”x 9” compact design.

The Areaware Strida LT comes in five color frames: black,…

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