fly talon ii clipless shoe elite graphic   FLY Talon II Clipless Shoe Elite Graphic

Fashionista riders hoping to find protection and safety for their feet while lookign really good might want to check out the Fly Talon II Clipless Shoe Elite Graphics.

The Talon II shoes are SPD compatible, which means they work exceptionally well with both mountain bikes or BMX bikes.

In addition to this, the Talon’s nylon toe and heal as well as the super stiff sole keeps your toes safe no matter what the outside conditions might be.

The cycling shoes can be easily slipped on your feet thanks to a simple 3-strap design. The design also helps put added power when you pedal or even walk. Finally thanks to the mesh materials intricately placed on the pedal, ventilation is no longer a problem.

The Fly Talon II Clipless Shoe has a retail price of $79.95….

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