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Microdosing in Cycling

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microdosing in cycling 300x300   Microdosing in CyclingThe sport of cycling is one of the most prestigious yet very challenging sports in the world and is often plagued by illegal endurance performances due to drug use. This has brought about the strict implementation of biological passport to contain cheating in the sporting event.

The biological passport scheme developed two and half years ago has the total support and confidence of the World Anti-Doping Agency. The passport monitors the blood of athletes and electronically records the composition of the blood and any other substances, prohibited or not, that could boost performance.

However, a group of scientists came out with a way to which biological passport could be avoided. The scientists concluded that through microdosing method, the biological passport could be eluded as well as EPO detection in an athlete’s blood stream. It further added that many dishonest athletes and doctors practicing the method are aware of microdosing. The revelations by…

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WADA and UCI on the Landis Revelations

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wada and uci on the landis revelations 300x200   WADA and UCI on the Landis RevelationsFloyd Landis’ allegations led to naming several cyclists accused of doping as well as a UCI official being on the take. The World Anti-Doping Agency and Union Cycliste International (UCI) both gave statements in response to the events that have transpired after Landis’ revelations.

Pat McQuaid, UCI President, expressed his thoughts over the allegations Landis gave, branding them as “scandalous and mischievous”. McQuaid further adds, “These guys coming out now with things like this from the past is only damaging the sport. If they’ve any love for the sport they wouldn’t do it.”

UCI issued a statement on Landis’ move to allow his allegations in the Wall Street Journal. The statement reads:

“The UCI regrets that Mr. Landis has publicly accused individuals without allowing sufficient time for the relevant US authorities to investigate. An impartial investigation is a fundamental right, as Mr. Landis will understand having contested, for two years, the evidence…

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USA Cycling on Doping Allegations

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usa cycling on doping allegations 257x300   USA Cycling on Doping AllegationsWhat Floyd Landis revealed in his email regarding his admission to doping certainly got everyone’s attention and more. Steve Johnson, CEO of USA Cycling, to whom the email was addressed, gave a statement concerning the delicate matter and stresses how USA Cycling continues to implement its zero tolerance policy when it comes to dopin in the sport of cycling.

Johnson said: “In accordance with the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Code of Athlete’s Rights, USA Cycling does not and will not discuss doping allegations, investigations or any aspect of an adjudication process.”

“There are many accusations being circulated and we are confident these will be thoroughly investigated by the appropriate authorities. Cycling is the most aggressive sport in the fight against doping with some of the most diverse and innovative monitoring and testing programs including in and out of competition urine and blood tests, medical monitoring for Pro Tour and Pro Continental teams, and…

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Lance Armstrong Accused of Doping in Several Emails by Floyd Landis

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lance armstrong accused of doping in several emails from floyd landis1   Lance Armstrong Accused of Doping in Several Emails by Floyd Landis

In a series of emails to cycling officials and sponsors, seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong is being accused of doping by Floyd Landis. Landis also admitted his recent involvement with doping.

After winning the Tour De France in 2006, Landis’ doping test came back positive, voiding his win in the race. As a result, he was banned from cycling by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

Armstrong’s coach, Johan Bruyneel, played a role in Landis’ doping, according to an email. It was Bruyneel who educated Landis on performance enhancement drugs, said Landis.

The Wall Street Journal has confirmed that the emails it reviewed are from Landis. Not all of the correspondence have been confirmed to be from him at this time, however.

The emails also outlined a number of American riders other than Armstrong who bamboozled the anti-doping system by way of blood…

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Floyd Landis Wanted for Hacking

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floyd landis wanted for hacking   Floyd Landis Wanted for Hacking

American cyclist Floyd Landis is currently on the Wanted list by French authorities after being linked to a hacking incident at an anti-doping laboratory.

Landis was a teammate of Lance Armstrong during the latter’s Tour de France winning streak from 2002 to 2004. He had also won the yellow jersey back in 2006, but was later suspended from further competing in pro cycling events due to a positive dope test.

The incriminating dope test was administered to Landis after his victory in the 17th stage of the 2006 Tour de France, which incidentally was supposed to secure the title for him, had the dope test not come back positive. The American rider had protested his innocence, adding that the anti-doping laboratory was biased and incompetent.

Now, it seems that he’s in more trouble than before, as Landis is being accused of hacking into the laboratory’s computer system to get access to…

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Floyd Landis May Sign with Rock Racing

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floyd landis may sign with rock racing   Floyd Landis May Sign with Rock Racing

About a month ago, we reported that Floyd Landis will be leaving his current team OUCH, and possibly signing with Rock Racing for 2010. French Website, citing sources close to Michael Ball, team owner, says that Landis is on the verge of signing with Rock Racing. However, the contract is dependent on whether or not the team will obtain their Professional Continental License from the UCI. The license announcement is expected on January 4th. The UCI rejected their first application for a license. “We’re obviously very disappointed but are working diligently to satisfy every requirement that is being asked of us. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure we can race next year,” the team said in an earlier statement….

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Floyd Landis Leaving Team OUCH

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floyd landis leaving team ouch   Floyd Landis Leaving Team OUCH

Floyd Landis, who served a suspension for a doping charge from the 2006 Tour de France, has returned to the road at the 2009 Tour of California. He will reportedly be leaving his current team OUCH, terminating his contract for the remainder of 2009 and 2010. Momentum Sports Group, who owns and operates team OUCH, says that Landis wants to race in longer European races, which the team will not be doing in 2010. “I wish to thank all of the sponsors for their support this year. I would also like to thank everyone at Momentum Sports Group. While I’m excited to pursue other opportunities, I will miss all of my teammates and everyone on staff,” says Landis. Landis is rumored to be signing with Rock Racing for 2010, but a spokesperson for the team has said that they haven’t signed any new riders for…

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