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Oliveira guilty for doping 1 300x199   Oliveira Guilty for Doping
Flavia Oliveira was sentenced to a two-year suspension by the U.S. Anti-Doping Association. This was due to her intake of an amphetamine class stimulant during her competition at the Giro del Trentino last year.

Oliveira was with the SC Michela Fanini Team when she was found positive for oxilofrine.

Arbitrator Jeffrey A. Mishkin reviewed Oliveira’s case and came to a conclusion that the cause of her doping violation was due to Hyperdrive 3.0+. This was apparently Oliveira’s dietary supplement. A new rule came to pass that when an athlete unknowingly violated the anti-doping rules, he or she will only get a suspension less than two years. However, on Oliveira’s case, this was not so. She was found to be at fault and duly sentenced.

It was agreed by the parties involved in the case that the ingredient mythelsynephrine has the same chemical composition as that of oxilofrine. Mishkin pointed out that the Hyperdrive…

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