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2012 Fizik Kurve Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Fizik Kurve Saddle

2012 fizik kurve saddle 2   2012 Fizik Kurve Saddle

Fizik unveiled a new lineup of saddles, the 2012 Kurve Saddle Range. Aside from the three unique Kurve line models namely Kurve Bull, Kurve Chameleon and Kurve Snake, a completely new rail design called Mobius is also introduced.

Bull, Chameleon and Snake saddles provide a dynamic interface, involving an entirely new base construction called Re:Flex with a unique layering that makes the shell greatly flexible. A circular rail pattern included in the Mobius unique design lessens pressure points.

Cycling comfort is enhanced by the Wing Flex design that reduces thigh contact on the saddle and improves power transfer. Weighing in at 220g, all of the 2012 Fizik Kurve Saddle models are designed with a subtle branding and animal silhouette detailing on the pad surface in a black color scheme.

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2011 Fizik Antares Versus K:ium Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fizik Antares Versus K:ium Saddle

2011 fizik antares versus kium saddle   2011 Fizik Antares Versus K:ium Saddle

A great choice for riders who prefer flatter saddles is the 2011 Fizik Antares Versus K:ium Saddle. For enhanced comfort, this saddle allows the rider to shift around on the saddle more with ease on long climbs without compromising the performance.

Along with the thicker foam, the saddle is specially shaped to offer more padding. On long rides, riders will feel more comfortable as the sit bones are kept from getting tender. Featuring enhanced airflow and pressure relief for the rider’s soft tissue, a channel runs the length of the saddle top.

Unlike most saddles the 2011 Fizik Antares Versus K:ium Saddle features a 45mm nose width. Being a bit wider, this saddle offers more comfort in the drops. The saddle also has a carbon-reinforced nylon shell that flexes smoothly across the part between the front and back ends where the rails prop up the shell.

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2011 Fizik Cyrano Aluminium Seatpost

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fizik Cyrano Aluminium Seatpost

2011 fizik cyrano aluminium seatpost 2   2011 Fizik Cyrano Aluminium Seatpost

Italian saddle companies like their saddles nice and comfortable but at the same time very efficient in performance, especially during races. But for a saddle to deliver its intended promise, it relies on the seatpost for help. It is the main reason why saddle maker Fizik has created the 2011 Fizik Cyrano Aluminum Seatpost, a innovative seatpost that offers great comfort and efficiency.

Two keypoints for this seatpost that riders should be aware of are as follows:

The first keypoint is that the Fizik Cyrano works well together with just about any type of saddle and bike frame rails. The seatpost head is made of durable alloys and is divided into two parts. A narrow upper clamp and a lower clamp that is ultra-wide.

The other part that makes the Fizik seatpost so unique compared to other seatposts available to the market is its adaptability. It can work well with carbon…

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2011 Fizik Gobi XM Muzzle Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fizik Gobi XM Muzzle Saddle

2011 gobi xm muzzle saddle   2011 Fizik Gobi XM Muzzle Saddle

Popular in mountain biking, the 2011 Gobi XM Muzzle saddle is a new and updated product from Fizik. A thick scuff guard is attached to the rear of the new Gobi saddle, which protects the saddle from being frayed.

Long distance rides can be tackled by the 2011 Fizik Gobi XM Muzzle saddle with its favorable shape and width. Steep mountain biking climbs become smooth, no sweat for the long nose of the new Gobi saddle.

A flexible mid-section along the side of the saddle, called Wing Flex, allows for less restricted pedaling. Other excellent features of this new Gobi saddle are a removable rubber protector, nylon carbon reinforced shell, a microtex cover and Manganese rails.

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2011 Fizik R1, R3 Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fizik R1, R3 Shoe

2011 fizik r1 r3 shoe 300x183   2011 Fizik R1, R3 ShoeFor 2011, Fizik, celebrated Italian brand for saddles, branches out to cycling shoes. The R1 and R3 cycling shoes still boasts of Fizik’s high standard on quality and more.

The cycling shoes took two years before it was realized. Fizik aims to further make the bond of rider and machine stronger with the new shoes. At the same time, showcase true Italian craftsmanship.

The two models share similar features like Rivoltato or blind seam stitching, side ventilation for air and water drain and sail cloth straps. However there are also some differences. The R1 model is available only for men while the R3 caters to both sexes. The R1 is more expensive than the R3 as it is marketed as the high-end model. The R1 upper uses kangaroo skin as material. The R3 only has leather on the toe and heel of the shoe.

The R1 comes only in one colorway while…

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Fi’zi:k Aliante Carbon Womens Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fizi:k Aliante Carbon Womens Saddle

aliante saddle by fizik 1 300x157   Fizi:k Aliante Carbon Womens SaddleFizik just released a wider line of recreational and women specific saddles aside from their regular collection of race performance seats. Recently out of the market, The Aliante (143mm wide), the Arione (132mm wide) and the Anatres (143mm wide).

Their best seller is the Aliante saddle. It is wider and with a slight ergonomic dip as to its length. Selle Italia and Selle San Marco introduced their new carbon railed and shelled versions, however the move appeared to be a response to a marketing strategy. Aliante maintains its comfortable design of durability. The Fizik Aliante Carbon is 199 grams of a wider and softer saddle. The exterior shell is 35 grams of multi-directional carbon fiber and around 15 grams bi-directional carbon/Kevlar weave interior “hammock”. Just be sure not to fall asleep while riding.

SRP is €175-€299, depending on the rails chosen (K:ium or Carbon Braided).

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Win Fizik Tour Yellow Arione Saddle & Bar Tape

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Win Fizik Tour Yellow Arione Saddle & Bar Tape

win fizik tour yellow arione saddle bar tape   Win Fizik Tour Yellow Arione Saddle & Bar Tape

You now have the chance to win a Fizik Team Replica Yellow Arione CX saddle and handlebar kits, all for the 97th Tour de France. Fi’zi:k is giving away 21 limited edition packages, representing the 21 stages of the Tour de France.

In order for you to win the Fizik Tour Yellow Arione Saddle & Bar Tape, go to the official website, click on the link “Win a Stage of the Tour de France and register. Each mourning, Fizik will randomly select a registered user, but if you don’t win the first stage, register for stage 2 and so fourth. At the end of the tour, 10 names will also be pulled for a special prize.

Winners will be announced on Fizik Facebook and Twitter page. Additional information on the Team Yellow Replica Fizik Arione Saddle, the kit retails for $190, and comes in a limited…

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