pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fizik Cyrano Aluminium Seatpost

2011 fizik cyrano aluminium seatpost 2   2011 Fizik Cyrano Aluminium Seatpost

Italian saddle companies like their saddles nice and comfortable but at the same time very efficient in performance, especially during races. But for a saddle to deliver its intended promise, it relies on the seatpost for help. It is the main reason why saddle maker Fizik has created the 2011 Fizik Cyrano Aluminum Seatpost, a innovative seatpost that offers great comfort and efficiency.

Two keypoints for this seatpost that riders should be aware of are as follows:

The first keypoint is that the Fizik Cyrano works well together with just about any type of saddle and bike frame rails. The seatpost head is made of durable alloys and is divided into two parts. A narrow upper clamp and a lower clamp that is ultra-wide.

The other part that makes the Fizik seatpost so unique compared to other seatposts available to the market is its adaptability. It can work well with carbon…

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