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2011 Fixie Inc Pure Blood Cyclocross

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fixie Inc Pure Blood Cyclocross

2011 fixie inc pure blood cyclocross   2011 Fixie Inc Pure Blood Cyclocross

Fixie Inc, known for fixed gear and road bikes, but is making a bigger presence in the cyclocross scene. For 2011, Fixie Inc will reintroduce the Pure Blood.

The 2011 Pure Blood frame is made of 4130 steel, and only works with disc brakes. Overall weight of the frame and fork is lighter than last years release, while now using a Postmount disc fitting right in the middle of the seat and chainstays. Also cable routing and tabs will run along the bottom downtube,

SRAM Force components will run with the new Fixie Inc fork, the DiscO. Available in bright yellow.

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2011 Fixie Peacemaker

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fixie Peacemaker

2011 fixie peacemaker 300x200   2011 Fixie PeacemakerFixie Inc. reveals the 2011 Peacemaker at EuroBike. It features a drive belt which allows you to shift from singlespeed or fixed. It also has the new QuickRelease Mudguard System to protect you from mud, dirt and grime as you ride leisurely.

The Peacemaker’s frame is made from double butted 4130 aircraft steel. It comes in one finish, the Ice White Shut and has an under paint that helps avoid rust with the anti-rust sealing.

The rear spacing for the Peacemaker is 135mm and there’s also a 25mm tire clearance. It features SSL stainless dropouts with chain tensioner which was integrated. The headset measures 1 1/8.

The 2011 Peacemaker has Alex Race28 rims and Vittoria Zaffi tires. The drivetrain is from Andel Racing with Carbondrive® belt chainwheel 55t. The fork is a Fixie Inc. straight fork with FSA Orbit X headset.

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