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2011 Focale 44 Relax Fixed Gear Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Focale 44 Relax Fixed Gear Bike

2011 focale 44 relax fixed gear bike   2011 Focale 44 Relax Fixed Gear Bike

As the name implies, the 2011 Focale 44 Relax Fixed Gear Bike is for riders seeking comfort on a fixed gear. Thanks to its one hundred percent chromoly frame that is very stable, this fixed gear bike was design to endure abuse.

Features to add ease to the Focale 44 Relax is the flat bar/stem combo and easy 42/16 gear ratio. Other special components of the bike are Kenda tires, padded saddle, and Wellgo plastic BMX pedals with straps for added durability.

Riders can have their style in the 2011 Focale 44 Relax Fixed Gear Bike with the choices of brakes, freewheel and fixed sprocket. Along with the flip-flop rear hub and front and rear brakes, it easy to swap the option of a 16T fixed cog or 16T freewheel anytime it is needed.

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BH Gira Fixed Gear BIke

pinit fg en rect gray 20   BH Gira Fixed Gear BIke

bh gira bike   BH Gira Fixed Gear BIke

BH bikes went beyond their line of expertise in creating cyclocross bikes by introduced a one-of-a-kind fixed gear. The birth of Gira commemorates the 100th year celebration of BH bikes.

The BH Gira fixed gear bike relives the classic style and soul with a horizontal top that features detailed lugwork. Its innovation lures of a vintage look but with handling characteristics of a modern-day bike.

Detailed with leather-wrapped bars, high-flunge hubs with 32 hole rims and 700 X 25c wheels, the bike’s frame is built with Classic Reynolds 525 tubing for lightweight durability and a feeling of high quality steel. A flip-flop rear-hub provides diversity that effortlessly converts the bike from fixed gear to freewheel. The Gira also includes classic style chrome bands for the front and rear brakes, for those who wants to mount the rear brake.

The BH Gira bike offers more than just a ride but a…

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2011 NS Analog Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 NS Analog Bike

2011 ns analog bike   2011 NS Analog Bike

The Analog bike is not your typical traditional track bike. Instead, it’s an authentic fixed gear freestyle bike that is strong enough to do tricks and still very light and flexible. Due to innovative tricks that have been implemented by the new school riders these days, only a few of today’s bikes could handle such abusive tricks. The Analog bike is one of those few that could endure a rough ride.

Compared to the 2010 version, the 2011 Analog Bike features a new geometry with a lower center of gravity. It has a lower top tube with a different angle, a shorter rear triangle, and a higher positioned bottom bracket.

The 2011 NS Analog Bike is built on a NS Analog OEM frame in full cromoly. It comes with 410mm NS Analog OEM forks in full cromoly as well. Available in 3 sizes – S, M and L all in…

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All-City New Sheriff Hubs

pinit fg en rect gray 20   All City New Sheriff Hubs

all city new sheriff hubs 300x250   All City New Sheriff HubsAll-City releases its New Sheriff hubs in colors of black and silver. The hubs were specifically designed to meet the demands of the modern fixed gear rider. Made with 6061 T6 aluminum for the hub shell, it is compatible with gauge spokes 13 through 15. The flange design was based on Campagnolo’s “sheriff start” hubs and allows for a stiffer wheel. This also means lower spoke stress.

The New Sheriff hubs have an oversized axle of 15mm in diameter. With 6902 sealed bearings from Japa, you can be assured it will service you for a long while. You can also modify it with stainless custom mounting with a 15mm box end or 6mm hex.

All-City New Sheriff front hubs weigh 226 grams while the rear hubs weighs 270 grams. For fixed/free, there are 32-hole versions in stock. 36-hole versions are also available for fixed/fixed and fixed/free. For pricing, check out…

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Union Foundry T0001 RotaFixer Tool

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Union Foundry T0001 RotaFixer Tool

union foundry t0001 rotafixer tool 1 300x199   Union Foundry T0001 RotaFixer ToolUnion Foundry of Somerville, Massachusetts releases its first product named the T0001. The T0001 RotaFixer Tool was designed to take the place of your lockring wrench and chainwhip. It is simple to use and lets you remove and install lockrings with just a rotafixing technique and your bicycle chain.

The T0001 RotaFixer Tool took a year to develop from its humble beginnings on table napkins and kitchen checks. Its prototype was tested by Boston bike messengers until its final design came to be made. From stainless steel parts, it was polished and then etched with laser. Designers and inventors Joshua Kampa and Aaron Panone took the finished product to Mike Dacey of Repeat Press for its packaging design.

The new tool can fit large Profile type sizes to small Sugino type lockring sizes. You can also work the 17 tooth cog with a 1/8” width chainwhip.

A handy helper to have around…

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ODI Longneck XL and ODI TLD MTB grips

pinit fg en rect gray 20   ODI Longneck XL and ODI TLD MTB grips

odi longneck xl and odi tld mtb grips 1 300x200   ODI Longneck XL and ODI TLD MTB grips

ODI ventures into the fixed gear world with its new Longneck XL. Patterned from its BMX counterpart ODI Longneck, the new fixed gear grips are 3 inches longer and come in nine eye-popping colors, great for those riders who want to match their Deep V’s with their grips.

The Longneck XL sports vertical ribs encompasses the length of the grip. This enables its riders a stronger hold without hand gloves. It can be used for riser bars and track drops.

Retail price for a pair of Longneck XL is $12.95. The available colors are black, pink, white, bright blue, purple, green, orange, bright red and aqua. Push-in plugs will come in 2 colors. (All grips are open ended.)

Not to disappoint mountain bikers, ODI collaborated with Troy Lee Designs to come out with the ODI TLD Lock on Mountain Bike grips. The grip is made with an angled design that hugs your hand…

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SE x US Versus Them Fixed Freestyle Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SE x US Versus Them Fixed Freestyle Frame

trick frame from se us versus them 300x250   SE x US Versus Them Fixed Freestyle Frame Currently merging its resources and technologies is SE Bikes and Us Versus Them. The objective here was to come out with a state of the art fixed gear freestyle specific frame. The partnership was that of Todd Lyons (SE Brand Manger) and James Banuelos (Special Projects Manager for SE Bikes & CEO of Us Versus Them). After a thorough evaluation derived from creative brainstorming, exchange of ideas and research data gathered from riders and engineering experts, the frame is set to come release soon.

The soon-to-be-released super prototype of the SE x Us Versus Them frame will feature a Full Cr-Mo Frame with a double Butted top tube and down tube. This frame was designed with maximum 50c clearance tires in mind.

Although the frame is still in its evolutionary stage, the final blue print and geometric design is commendable. The new trick frame will be exhibited by team riders Chris…

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