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2012 Fuji Feather Fixed Gear Bike

2012 fuji feather fixed gear bike   2012 Fuji Feather Fixed Gear Bike

One of the best good-looking fixed gear bikes for 2012 is the new Feather from Fuji Bikes. With an Elios 2 chromo frame, fork, and rear triangle, this 10.1kg fixed gear is equipped with a high profile wheelset, Kenda tires, Promax brakeset, and Wellgo road pedals with clips and straps.

The custom-butted main frame comes with an outer butted seat tube. For the front brake, the custom triple-butted fork is crown drilled, while for the rear brake, the custom-tapered and bridge-drilled rear triangle features a track dropout.

With its outstanding aesthetic quality, the 2012 Fuji Feather Fixed Gear Bike is ideal for the cycling fashionista. There are three color options to choose from. All combined with sparkling silver, the three exquisite versions are white, black, and lemon yellow.

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2012 Specialized P.Fix Fixed Gear Bike

2012 specialized p fix fixed gear bike   2012 Specialized P.Fix Fixed Gear Bike

A new fixed-gear machine offered by Specialized for 2012 is the P.Fix bike. Combined with its advanced technology and state-of-the-art materials are a clever geometry that is proven to tackle dirt, street, and park rides very well. Its one-piece 10t cog has a freewheel setup and fixed gear conversion options.

Though lightweight, the P. Series butted and tapered chromoly fork is stiff and sturdy enough to tackle any intense abuse. Also made to endure nonstop abuse are the 26in P. Fix wheelset and cartridge bearings, which are double-walled with 36 spokes.

Loaded with superior features, the 2012 Specialized P.Fix Fixed Gear Bike can meet the high demands of aggressive rides. Aside from a rounded profile, the Specialized Compound Control tires also offer dual-compound traction and low rolling resistance. Its light but strong Press-in MID BB can be serviced easily.

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2011 Le Prince Fixed Gear Lady Frame

2011 le prince fixed gear lady frame   2011 Le Prince Fixed Gear Lady Frame

As the first Finnish-based fixed gear bicycle brand, Le Prince is proud to introduce a new product set to be released this 2011, which is called, the Lady Frame. As the name implies, these frames are tailored for the lady riders.

Moreover, it is not often that fixed gear frames are made for women. Le Prince is one of the few brands to release a frame designed for women fixed gear riders. With a specially designed geometry, the frame guarantees a more competent riding experience for women riders.

Aside from the traditional female colors, pink and white, the 2011 Le Prince Fixed Gear Lady Frame is also available in a black and white color scheme. Aside from its simple and nice aesthetics, the Lady frame guarantees strength for tough rides.

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2011 Schindelhauer Viktor Fixed Gear Bike

2011 schindelhauer viktor fixed gear bike   2011 Schindelhauer Viktor Fixed Gear Bike

A new but classic fixed gear bike from the German brand Schindelhauer this 2011 is the Viktor. Its reliable components and design guarantees the rider an excellent performance. Making this fixed gear bike maintenance-free is the Gates Carbon Drive system.

While it is light in its 8.7kg in total weight, the Viktor top-quality parts are tough enough to tackle everyday use. Adding to its features that skeptical purists love is its white color scheme. This exquisite bike from Germany combines a classic look and sophisticated sportiveness.

In bike technology, the 2011 Schindelhauer Viktor Fixed Gear Bike is one unique machine that keeps its classic element with a contemporary touch. With the essence of being a fixed gear bike, the Viktor meets all the requirements needed for road and city rides.

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2011 Creme Vinyl Doppio Fixed Gear Bike

2011 creme vinyl doppio fixed gear bike   2011 Creme Vinyl Doppio Fixed Gear Bike

Featuring a high performance cromoly frame, the Creme Vinyl Doppio is one of the most reliable fixed gear bikes of 2011 thanks to its excellent parts such as the polished high profile rims and the San Marco Rolls leather saddle.

A classic fixed-gear track bike, the Vinyl is known for minimalism. For its beautiful retro-look, the bike features classy forged cranks and sealed bearing Novatec hubs. Adding to the great looks are the Dia Compe stainless steel cable guides, which riders can mount when using brakes.

Tange, a legendary Japanese tube manufacturer, helps Crème to create a frame that keeps an optimum weight to strength ratio. The 2011 Creme Vinyl Doppio Fixed Gear Bike gives the riders the option to run the bike in fixed gear mode or a freewheel and the brakes, which are included in the package.

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2011 Strellson Fixed Gear Suit

2011 strellson fixed gear suit   2011 Strellson Fixed Gear Suit

2011 Strellson Fixed Gear Suit is a one of a kind bike apparel that allows businessmen to cycle with a suit. Strellson partnered with Bianchi to create a limited edition clothing line that is exquisite both for business meetings and city biking.

The 2011 Strellson collection is in all black and white color scheme. This means that it can be worn without having to worry about fashionable colors. Manufactured from a stretchy fabric, the slim-cut black suit that repels water and dirt is the main feature of the collection.

Underneath the suit are cuffs and collars with reflective tape, which are visible when the pant leg is rolled. The Strellson and Bianchi team up is a perfect combination of a silky cycle-friendly suit and a state-of-the-art fixed gear racing bike.

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2011 Focale 44 Relax Fixed Gear Bike

2011 focale 44 relax fixed gear bike   2011 Focale 44 Relax Fixed Gear Bike

As the name implies, the 2011 Focale 44 Relax Fixed Gear Bike is for riders seeking comfort on a fixed gear. Thanks to its one hundred percent chromoly frame that is very stable, this fixed gear bike was design to endure abuse.

Features to add ease to the Focale 44 Relax is the flat bar/stem combo and easy 42/16 gear ratio. Other special components of the bike are Kenda tires, padded saddle, and Wellgo plastic BMX pedals with straps for added durability.

Riders can have their style in the 2011 Focale 44 Relax Fixed Gear Bike with the choices of brakes, freewheel and fixed sprocket. Along with the flip-flop rear hub and front and rear brakes, it easy to swap the option of a 16T fixed cog or 16T freewheel anytime it is needed.

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