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2012 Five Ten Minnaar SPD Cycling Shoes

2012 five ten minnaar spd cycling shoes   2012 Five Ten Minnaar SPD Cycling Shoes

For 2012, Five Ten has designed new SPD cycling shoes for Greg Minnaar, the famous World Cup winner. This SPD compatible shoe features the incredibly durable Stealth rubber exclusively from Five Ten for its sole, which is in red instead of black.

Even on flat pedals, the Minaar SPD shoes guarantee secure traction. For clipless pedals, the midsole of these shoes are stiff enough to match with the increased speed and enhanced security over bumpy terrains. Its tough action leather uppers have Velcro brand strap closures.

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Whether at the local taco joint or on the mountain, the black or white styling of the 2012 Five Ten Minnaar SPD Cycling Shoes looks perfect. In order to make the shoes even more durable, all of the seams of the shoes are double stitched.


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2012 FiveTen FreeRider Mountain Bike Shoe

2012 fiveten freerider mountain bike shoe   2012 FiveTen FreeRider Mountain Bike Shoe
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For those who are looking for a new pair of shoes for mountain biking, one of the popular choices for 2012 are the new FreeRider shoes from Five Ten. Nicely and uniquely designed, these mountain bike shoes are ideal for those who are looking for fashion footwear on the trail.

The impressive aesthetics of the FreeRider is complemented by reliable durability and maximum comfort. As compared to conventional rubber outsoles, this shoe can absorb a lot more shock, thanks to its state-of-the-art Stealth rubber.

Flat pedal riders and downhill mountain bike racers will surely find the 2012 FiveTen FreeRider Mountain Bike Shoe amazing. Award-winning performance is offered by the high-quality details of this shoe, which include action leather uppers, protective toe boxes, and reinforced stitching.


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2012 Five Ten Cool Hwip SPD Shoe

2012 five ten cool hwip spd shoe   2012 Five Ten Cool Hwip SPD Shoe

Five Ten, the leading brand for the flat-pedal bike shoe movement, has created one of the coolest SPD shoes for 2012, which is rightfully called Cool Hwip. Crafted with speed in mind, these SPD compatible DH shoes will certainly gain approval among professional riders of both the World Cup and local races.

Weighing in at 618.5g per shoe, the Cool Hwip comes with a dual density insole, stiff shank plate midsole, and a Stealth S1 non-marking outsole. Its upper also features an Action Leather Velcro brand lace protector that keeps the feet in one piece, so neither rocks nor roots can get in the way.

Ideal for SPD riders is the new 2012 FiveTen Cool Hwip SPD Shoe. Taking pride in its asymmetrical lace protection, high-end ankle protection, fully stitched one-piece padded Raptor tongue, and an anti-crank inside ankle patch, the Cool Hwip is definitely an unparalleled SPD shoe.

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2012 Five Ten Danny Macaskill Shoe

2012 five ten danny macaskill shoe   2012 Five Ten Danny Macaskill Shoe

Five Ten, the topnotch shoe maker, has released an affordable signature shoe of Danny MacAskill for 2012. In collaboration with the Scottish trials genius, Five Ten was able to make a cycling shoe that is not merely backed up by a popular signature.

More importantly, the shoes are loaded with excellent features to make sure it tackles cycling requirements efficiently. These features include an extra ankle and tongue padding, a rubberized heel bumper, and a Stealth rubber sole made a little stiffer.

As implied by its signature, the 2012 Five Ten Danny Macaskill Shoe is definitely a cycling wunderkind. The shoes also have a reinforced toe box, which is made from thermoplastic polyurethane. Its Skye blue sole and detailing also makes the cycling shoes aesthetically nice.

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Spitfire MTB shoe from Five Ten

spitfire mtb shoe from five ten 300x209   Spitfire MTB shoe from Five TenFive Ten takes a trip down the cool and hip road with its latest model the Spitfire. It is a flat pedal mountain bike shoe that has a design inspired by Vans. It may have the look of skateboarding with its midtop style for ankle support and protection, but it has the one-piece molded Stealth S1 outsole. This means it can absorb more shock than other rubber outsoles. It also has an excellent grip quality with its high friction rubber and is designed to last a long time.

Great for dirt or board, BMX tricks and for simple errands, the Spitfire is a multi-functional dynamo. The upper has split-grain leather of the highest quality and perforated nubuck. Double stitched and weighs 470.6 grams for a size 9, the Spitfire comes in color grey on black.

Retail price is $89.95.

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