pinit fg en rect gray 20   Five Ten Impact Shoes   Sam Hill Edition

five ten impact shoes sam hill edition   Five Ten Impact Shoes   Sam Hill Edition

For downhill riders, the Five Ten sticky rubber shoes revolutionized flat pedal biking. With the new Sam Hill edition, it further brings the sport to new heights.

Five Ten appropriately chose Sam Hill for his talent and tenacity in the world of downhill mountain biking. Winning the 2006 and 2007 World Championship titles would just be the start for this dedicated biker. In 2009, he won the Overall UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, Downhill at Mt Sainte Anne, the Canada UCI World Cup Down Hill and the World Cup in Schladming, Austria UCI.

The shoes are specially designed to grip hard as you ride with speed and agility. Much like its namesake, the Five Ten Sam Hill footwear will surely delight its owner with its low cut design for flexible maneuvering and with its Stealth S1 outsoles that can absorb more shock than regular rubber soles….

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