pinit fg en rect gray 20   Weeman Rides Fit Co BMX

weeman rides fit co bmx   Weeman Rides Fit Co BMX

Dare devil Weeman from the hilarious stunt show Jackass recently picked up a 18″ Fit Co BMX bike. The BMC company Fit Co, though fairly new at producing complete bikes, is being widely embraced by BMX riders without much effort, partly due to the A-list of riders the company houses. Many questions have risen about whether or not Weeman can actually ride. His comment “I like my bike like my women – 18 “, has lead some to believe that his Fit BMX is no more than a mechanism for picking up the ladies. If that’s the case and he can’t ride, his willingness to take on risk should put him ahead of the learning curb if he so chooses to become the stunt man that he is with his 18″ Fit Co BMX bike.

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