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2012 Fit Bike Co Van Homan Signature BMX Bike

2012 fit bike co van homan signature bmx bike   2012 Fit Bike Co Van Homan Signature BMX Bike

Fit Bike Co has successfully replicated Van Homan’s BMX bike and released the new model for 2012. Designed with professional BMX riders in mind, this machine has amazing components and a compact 27/9 gearing, which delivers outstanding high power.

With CrMo frame, fork, bar, and cranks, the Van Homan signature BMX bike is incredibly strong and stiff but is still lightweight. Moreover, the combination of the bike’s FAF and Duo Stunner tires offer excellent grip.

Incredibly smooth braking and spin are also offered by the 2012 Fit Bike Co Van Homan Signature BMX Bike, thanks to its precision sealed bearings and its Odyssey GTX-R gyro detangler, which is the most lightweight pro-level model on the market today.

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2012 Fit Bike Co Justin Inman Signature BMX Bike

2012 fit bike co justin inman signature bmx bike   2012 Fit Bike Co Justin Inman Signature BMX Bike

For BMX riders who want to ride like a pro, the perfect choice is the new Justin Inman signature bike that has been unveiled by Fit Bike Co for 2012. Using the excellent strength to weight ratio of CrMo, this sturdy BMX machine is bend and break-proof, but it does not weigh the rider down.

Featured by this signature bike are a strong yet lightweight full CrMo frame and fork. Its CrMo bar comes with tubular CrMo cranks, as well. This BMX also takes pride in its FAF tires, which guarantee an outstanding grip, and Tektro alloy U-brake, which offers all the needed stopping power all.

Loaded with top-quality components, the 2012 Fit Bike Co Justin Inman Signature BMX Bike is the choice of numerous BMX pros. The great-looking smooth design of the bike’s Lo-Bolt Kevlar Pivotal seat has comfortable cushioning that does not make the seat too bulky.

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2011 Fit Bike Co Aitken 1 BMX

2011 fit bike co aitken 1 bmx   2011 Fit Bike Co Aitken 1 BMX

Fit has launched an entry level Mike Aitken Signature bike this 2011. To qualify for the entry-level price range, the cost of the bike has to be kept down. Nevertheless, the bike is still well furnished. This includes sealed Mid BB’s, fully sealed 9t cassette hubs, and an integrated headtube.

Sufficiently kitted out, this 26.75 lbs BMX bike is fully compatible with any after-market product. This allows the riders to have an easy upgrade eventually as their riding advances. Not only does the bike offer excellent performance, its price is also better than its competitors.

Designed to be almost like Mike Aitken’s own bike, the 2011 Fit Bike Co Aitken 1 is definitely a reliable BMX bike. Put together to make the bike competitive is the Odyssey plastic pedals, Tubular three-piece cranks, full 4130 forks, and 7.75″ cromo bars.

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2011 Fit Bike Co. WiFi

2011 fit bike co wifi1   2011 Fit Bike Co. WiFi

Fit Bike Co shares with us a prototype of the WiFi BMX, designed of high quality, and aiming to meet fair financial grounds.

2011 Fit Bike Co. WiFi was made in Taiwan with Japanese chromoly. This assures for a strong frame at an affordable price that even international market can tap into.

While the process of the prototype 2011 WiFi frame was underway, Fit Bike Co wanted it to weigh in the 5 pound range. in the end, the WiFi weighs in the 4 pound range, beating their expectations.

The geometry for the 2011 WiFi is a straight gauge downtube and top tube, while the top tube tapers into the seat tube for a smooth look, 75 1/2 degree headtube, 11.6 bottom bracket, 8.5 standover type, butted seat tube, and an integrated seat clamp.

When you think of WiFi, technology might come to mind. This is why the 2011 WiFi will use…

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Fly Bikes Pantera V4 2010 Frame

fly bikes pantera v4 2010 frame   Fly Bikes Pantera V4 2010 Frame

Fly Bikes is ready to launch the version 4 Pantera frame for 2010, and some changes are present compared to the previous years. The Fly Bikes Pantera V4 2010 Frame contains integrated dropouts that are small but larger than the Tierra we showed you a couple days ago, removable chain tensioners, SBS brake mounts that allows you to easily remove your brakes, taped top and down tubes, horizontal cut seat clamp, and new seatstays bridge. Frame weight is 4.83 pounds, and will release in black and flat red.

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