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2011 Firefly Baggy Shorts

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Firefly Baggy Shorts

2011 firefly baggy shorts   2011 Firefly Baggy Shorts

Riders who enjoy mountain biking must wear a comfortable yet durable garments like the 2011 Firefly Baggy Shorts. A lot of benefits are derived from the baggy feature of this traditional lycra cycling short in terms of comfort and style.

Manufactured from Supplex nylon peach fabric, the Firefly features a very soothing feel against the skin along with its mesh drop liner that comes with a CoolMax antibacterial pad, seamless inner leg and contrast panel in crotch and upper rear.

At an affordable price, the 2011 Firefly Baggy Shorts is a great choice for riding that calls for more coverage and less baring of skin such as mountain biking. Other beneficial features of the baggy mountain bike shorts include front side entry pockets, integral Endura elastic with drawcord, and a zip fly.

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Firefly Bicycle Light Nominated for Major Global Award

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Firefly Bicycle Light Nominated for Major Global Award

firefly bicycle light nominated major global award   Firefly Bicycle Light Nominated for Major Global Award

Firefly is a light placed at the rear of your bicycle which shines with approaching traffic, while lighting up the road plus yourself. This nifty little invention has been nominated for a major global award.

Designed by James Morton, a design student from Australia put together the Firefly bicycle light using a infrared sensor that detects traffic behind you, while the light shines brighter the closer the vehicle gets, and uses LEDs to light the rider and the road around. James Morton’s design has been shortlisted in the Australian International Design Awards.


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