pinit fg en rect gray 20   Fibre Flare Keeps You Seen At Night

fiber flare keeps you seen at night   Fibre Flare Keeps You Seen At Night

Safety should be the number one priority of every cyclist. To be seen by others in the road, especially the ones riding a vehicle is highly important for your own protection especially during the night. With this need, you can search for the ever-dependable Fibre Flare optic lights.

It has advanced features that any cyclist would be very interested. At one end is where you can locate the power button. At the initial push, the entire unit would turn into color red and with second push of the button, it will go to its eye-catching flash mode.

During testings, the light’s purpose was very impressive even during daytime not to mention that you can start noticing it about half a mile away from it. Then at night, its brightness goes beyond what flashing LED lights can offer. It can be viewed from numerous directions all at the same time.

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