pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Lightweight Fernweg Aero Wheels

2012 lightweight fernweg aero wheels   2012 Lightweight Fernweg Aero Wheels

Lightweight, a German carbon boutique maker, has introduced its new aero wheelset called Fernweg for 2012. While long flat sides and its spoke bed’s rounded make the rim look simple, this wheelset is incredibly aerodynamic, lightweight, and stiff.

In order to maximize the wheels’ stiffness, Lightweight made use of carbon spokes in the construction of the Fernweg. Moreover, this carbon spoke construction effectively st Reel Marketing Insider-#1 Video Marketing Training – 50% Recurring! ops water from getting into its 81mm-deep rim, making the wheelset ideal for wet rides.

While it is specifically designed for triathlons, the 2012 Lightweight Fernweg Aero Wheels can also perform well in time trial and road racing. The wheelset weighs in at 1,355g only, with a 640g front wheel and 715g rear wheel.

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