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Felt 2011 ZW5 Womens Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Felt 2011 ZW5 Womens Road Bike

felt 2011 zw5 womens road bike 300x167   Felt 2011 ZW5 Womens Road Bike

Felt is stacked in its women cycling department, one of which is the 2011 ZW5 model. Its frame uses Felt’s very own 950g FIT WOMAN specific UHC advanced MMC carbon fiber, which is available in four different sizes. The frame hosts 3KP weave, external cable routing and forged aluminum dropouts.

Mostly Shimano 105 products could be seen on this road bike. The ZW5 comes accompanied by an aluminum rim with machined UB control for braking and a wear indicator laced 28H radial.

All Felt FITWoman products such as the ZW5 include a detailed combination of women’s design-specific geometry, tube length, frame material lay-up and many more. UHC advanced can be found here offering the best combination of value and performance; ZW5 uses a vibration reducing carbon fiber that improves controls and lessens overall fatigue for a smoother quality ride.

Felt highlights its 2011 ZW5 in a Gloss Pearl White and Clear…

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Felt 2011 TK4130 Track Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Felt 2011 TK4130 Track Bike

   Felt 2011 TK4130 Track Bike

You can hit the velodrome or ride around town, the Felt 2011 TK4130 can handle both. Made for the track, but we can defiantly see people using the 2011 TK4130 on the streets, maybe add some flat bars?

Felt TK4130 2011 goes after the retro look (like many brands this year), but what stands out the most is the faux-wood rims (not to be mistaken with real wood).

The chainring on the TK4130 uses a skip tooth design, meaning it uses half the teeth of a normal ring. Also featuring Vittoria tires and a double crown fork. Retail price is $800.

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Devox Aero Bar from Felt

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Devox Aero Bar from Felt

devox aerobars from felt 300x199   Devox Aero Bar from FeltThe Devox Carbon Aero Bar from Felt is made especially for those who value speed and quality in their rides. By simply cutting the frontal area and making the aero bar lighter, Felt offers a carbon based bar that allows rise and drop positions without sacrificing your race against time.

The design for the Devox Carbon aerobar has been perfected with an ultra-fast wind tunnel. It is made from Ultra Hybrid Carbon (UHC) + Nano. The bars also allows three-position set up for carbon f-bend extensions. Felt used monocoque construction to give you an extremely strong, very light and easily adjustable product.

The Devox Aero Bar has internal cable routing. It measures 26 mm in diameter and weighs 595 grams. Suggested retail price is $899.99….

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Kenda and Felt Sponsors Pro MTB Team

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Kenda and Felt Sponsors Pro MTB Team

kenda and felt sponsors pro mtb team   Kenda and Felt Sponsors Pro MTB Team

Felt and Kenda ties a solid partnership to support a four-rider professional mountain bike team that is set to compete for major local and international events, focusing on cross-country and endurance classifications. Felt bikes and Kenda Tires will sponsor the team composed of Colin Cares, Judy Freeman, Amanda Carey and Andy Schultz.

Andy Schultz personally expresses her excitement to race for Felt since she believes in its reliability in racing and it has a long history of having sponsored great riders of all time. “I feel honored to have their support,” the 2005 US National Champion who is under 23.

The Kanda-Felt team will target the Pro XCT series but will keep their prospects open for a more varied and broad schedule. This is because of the inclusion of their riders who specialize in wide varieties of classification like Cares who is a known endurance rider and Freeman…

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