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FBM Tom Blyth Bellwitch BMX Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   FBM Tom Blyth Bellwitch BMX Frame

fbm tom blyth bellwitch bmx frame 1   FBM Tom Blyth Bellwitch BMX Frame

Tom Blyth, rider for FBM, has a new frame on the way known as the Bellwitch.

The FBM Bellwitch frame comes in four top tube lengths, 20.5, 20.75, 21 and 21.25 inches. The head tube posses a 75 degree angle, 9 inch stand over, 11.6 inch bottom bracket and a rear end legnth of 13.5 inches.

If your one of those that love to by products made in the USA, then rest assured, the FBM Tom Blyth Bellwitch is constructed in the states.

Additional information on the release will come soon.

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FBM The Sword SQ Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   FBM The Sword SQ Frame

fbm the sword sq frame   FBM The Sword SQ Frame

FBM announced the new Sword SQ Frame, a fixed frame built in New York.

The FBM “The Sword” SQ frame comes in two colors, irock blue and clear. True Temper OX Platinum is used on the top and bottom tubes, and 4130 Chromoly on all other tubing. Some other specs are 120mm rear dropout spacing, 27.2mm seat post diameter, and 68mm bottom bracket width.

Lastly, the head badge on the front displays a unicorn, claiming were it was constructed (New York), and “The Sword”. MSRP should be around $524.99.

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FBM Bike Polo Frame Prototype

pinit fg en rect gray 20   FBM Bike Polo Frame Prototype

fbm bike polo frame   FBM Bike Polo Frame Prototype

FBM Bike Co gave a prototype frame of the new FBM Bike Polo. FBM, known for building solid bikes for BMXers, is now stepping into the fixed gear bike polo world.

The FBM Bike Polo Frame is hand built in Ithaca New York, while utilizing a higher bottom bracket to lessen the pedal strike on turns. A sleek head tube on the FBM polo frame to minimize toe overlap, long drop outs for cog options, v-brake bosses, and a longer top tube.

For riding a shorter wheelbase, enough clearance was made for 38mm tires. The frame pictured does not include a gusset, but will when produced. As of now, a release date is not known, but FBM is pushing for this fall. League of Bike Polo has nicknamed the frame “Battle Axe”.

Source: League of Bike Polo

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FBM Berzerker BMX Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   FBM Berzerker BMX Frame

fbm berzerker bmx frame   FBM Berzerker BMX Frame

New from FBM is the Berzerker BMX Frame, which is now available for purchase. If you don’t know about the FBM Berzerker BMX Frame, here is a quick rundown: The FBM Berzerker is hand built, weighing in at 4.35 pounds, tight end, steep 75 degree headtube, and removable brake mounts. Released in blue and black, check out the headtube picture below.

Source: FBM

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