limited edition nuvinci equipped buddy bike family   Limited Edition Nuvinci Equipped Buddy Bike Family

Buddy Bike has released a new limited edition bike for 2011 with the purpose of helping the family cruise together. Complete with a Nuvinci N360 CVP rear hub, this special edition Buddy Bike Family is helpful for riders who want to ride with children.

This is the first time that Buddy Bike is given a Nuvinci hub, which helps make riding even more effortless. This allows the driver to just rotate the twist shifter to any person of endless positions in its 360% gear range.

Aside from easier shifting, other features of the bike are easier transporting, secured chain, and reduced needed maintenance, due to its lack of derailleur. Family outings are made as convenient as possible, thanks to the new Limited Edition Nuvinci Equipped Buddy Bike Family.

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