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Cancellara Wins Stage 19 Tour de France 2010, Contador Still Wears Yellow Jersey

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cancellara Wins Stage 19 Tour de France 2010, Contador Still Wears Yellow Jersey

cancellara wins stage 19 tour de france 2010 contador still wears yellow jersey   Cancellara Wins Stage 19 Tour de France 2010, Contador Still Wears Yellow Jersey

Stage 19 of the 2010 Tour de France was one to remember. At the start of Stage 19, Alberto Contador had a 8 second lead on Andy Schleck, but Schleck had promised to give his all in the time trial, and going after the yellow jersey.

Other then climbs, Contador is known for his time trial ability, and was favored to win the stage. With winds picking up which affected Schleck, Contador kept riding.

Winning stage 19 was Fabian Cancellara. Contador came in 45th place, finishing 4 minutes, 52 seconds behind, and Schleck finished in 41st, 5 minutes 9 seconds behind Cancellara. Dennis Menchov of Rabobank pushed Samuel Sanchez out of third place.

From the start of the time trial, a rumored spread that he had a 4 second lead over Schleck. Throughout the stage, Contador continued to extended that lead, and now is…

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Gruber Assist Motor Advantage

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gruber Assist Motor Advantage

gruber assist motor advantage 300x240   Gruber Assist Motor AdvantageGruber Assist motors became the center of a controversial subject in the cycling world, which is being referred to as “mechanical doping”. Although allegations over claims that Fabian Cancellara was using a secret motor to assist him on both his victories at the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix is up for debate, the concept of motor-assisted bicycles show merit for non-competing cyclists.

Gruber describes its product as an “invisible ascent aid”. The motor can be placed inside a seat tube of 31.6 mm in diameter. A battery pack must accompany the motor which can be placed in the carbon frame. A NiMH battery can be used since it is cylindrical in shape and it can be concealed easily if needed. The electric motor offers 200 watts of power and a performance advantage for duration of 100 minutes max.

For cyclists who ride for exercise and recreation, the Gruber Assist motor can…

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Cancellara Scoffs Rigged Bike Video

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cancellara Scoffs Rigged Bike Video

cancellara scoffs rigged bike video 300x225   Cancellara Scoffs Rigged Bike VideoFabian Cancellara reacts on the claims of using a bike with hidden motor mechanism, “It’s so stupid I’m speechless. I’ve never had batteries on my bike.”

The Youtube video circulating shows how a bike can have a motor concealed in its components and how it can be operated with a flick of a button. Towards the end, the video featured Cancellara’s performance on his wins at the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix classics. It focused on the different hand movements Cancellara was making before he accelerates. The video pointed out that Cancellara’s hand was making suspicious movements right before he speeds up to leave Tom Boonen (Quick Step) behind.

The Olympic time-trial champion adds, “It’s quite funny but it’s become a bigger story and is no longer so funny. It’s a sad and really outrageous story. Believe me, my feats are the result of hard work.”

UCI clears up any confusion or doubt…

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SaxoBank Hopeful to Win Liege Through Cancellara

pinit fg en rect gray 20   SaxoBank Hopeful to Win Liege Through Cancellara

saxobank hopeful to win liege through cancellara 300x216   SaxoBank Hopeful to Win Liege Through Cancellara

Fabian Cancellara sprinted into cycling history to become the 10th rider to ever win a double victory, the Tour of Flanders and the Paris-Roubaix at the very same year. The Swiss feels that now is the time for him to take a break and enjoy a taste of his huge triumphant success.

Bjarne Riis, Saxo Bank bigwig thinks otherwise. He believes that Cancellara should keep his focus on the Liege-Bastogne-Liege that lies ahead of him within his grasp. Riis is very confident that Spartacus is at his best form of his career ever and should meet the challenge to race at Amstel and Liege. Riis believes he can win it. Cancellara must grab the opportunity that awaits him.

Cancellara has in mind in bagging the five cycling monuments. He has won three and there’s no stopping him now. There are no talks about the upcoming Ardennes classics at the moment. Riis leaves…

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Cancellara Wins Tour of Flanders

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cancellara Wins Tour of Flanders

Cancellara wins tour of flanders   Cancellara Wins Tour of Flanders

Fabian Cancellara, the tough rated rider for Saxo Bank, makes Switzerland’s realized its dream. The long awaited win at the Tour of Flanders finally becomes a reality with last Sunday’s one day classic remarkable 15km solo attack right from the start handed down by Cancellara.

In another epic event, Tom Boonen of Quick Step and Belgium’s two time winner, wrapped up the 261.5 km top-notch just a shy minute behind as runner-up after lagging at the steeps of the race’s punishing ultimate cobbled climb of the Muur Van Geraardsbergen.

Ealier at the Muur, Cancellara appeared to be losing his wind but only to swing past Boonen. Dancing hovering on his saddle from side to side, Boonen seemed exhausted as Cancellara swiftly zooming ahead on his saddle. His time trial skills paid off and did the rest of the job and Cancellara was well ahead with just one climb to go at Bosberg’s…

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Cancellara TT Bike Banned by UCI

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cancellara TT Bike Banned by UCI

cancellara tt bike banned by uci   Cancellara TT Bike Banned by UCI

It turns out that Fabian Cancellara has to cancel his plans for using his Specialized time trial bike, since the UCI has banned it from the races. Needless to say, this news is not going down well for unhappy Team Saxo Bank owner Bjarne Riis.

Riis claims that the UCI’s decision to ban the TT bike is “very disturbing” and “beyond contempt”, and that the rules are so complicated, no one can understand them. Riis also insists that the Specialized bike they were planning on using for their time trials this season is “both durable and safe”.

Fans may remember that Tour de France winner Alberto Contador was also prevented from riding a Specialized TT bike at the Volta ao Algarve. This is the same model that World TT champ Fabian Cancellara wanted to ride, before the UCI also closed the door on him.

Bjarne Riis complains that “it is…

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