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Blur B2 Goggles

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Blur B2 Goggles

blur b2 goggles   Blur B2 Goggles

Blur Optics introduces a fresh line of B2 Bike Goggles. The B2 goggles feature a narrow frame that can fit into almost any helmet. Its frame design is also vented to give you better air circulation.

The B2 Goggles provides a comfortable fit with its triple density foam on the frame. To eliminate having the foam hug your eye and nose too tightly, it also has self-adjusting strap attachment wings and a clear silicon gripper strap.

The side wings are there to help position the goggles correctly in place and to keep them secure when riding hard and wild. The replaceable lenses ($6.99) come in Clear, Smoke, Amp Blue, Amber, Mirror, Roll-Off (compatible with “Scott” roll off systems) and Light Sensitive. Tear offs ($13.95) are also available.

Blur 2 Goggles are comprised of the Phobia (colorful street design), the Karma (dragon inspired), the Frenzy (retro blue), the Logger (simple brown and cream…

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2011 Shimano Eyewear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Shimano Eyewear

2011 shimano eyewear 1 300x155   2011 Shimano EyewearShimano comes out with a new eyewear range for 2011. The new line is composed of the S60R, S60R-PH, S50X, S40R and the S40RS. The sunglasses will be available in January.

Top of the line is the S60R which has anti-scratch and a anti-fog lens. It features Shimano’s Metal Fit Design. A stainless steel plate is used to connect two separate frames which allows you to adjust the eyewear to your desired fit. The S60R also gives you UV400 protection. On the other hand, the S60R-PH features photochromatic lenses. Both models have color options of brilliant blue, metallic white and metallic black.

The Shimano S50X comes with three sets of lenses and is made for daily use including cycling or other activities. RX-clips are available for this model and for the S40RS. The S40RS is a smaller model of the current S40R. It comes in colors of sky blue, ice…

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Oakley Split Jacket Eyewear – Women

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Oakley Split Jacket Eyewear   Women

oakley split jacket eyewear women   Oakley Split Jacket Eyewear   Women

Oakley comes out with Split Jacket eyewear, the womens version of its popular Jawbones. It carries the Switchlock technology that allows you to change the lens easily. The lenses that comes with the Split Jacket features the hydrophobic/oleophobic technology which keeps them free from dust and smudges from oil, fingerprints and water.

Made from highly resistant material, the Split Jacket has stem sleeves and nose pads that tighten and locks on to you the more you sweat. You might think this is uncomfortable but Oakley devised a three-point fit which prioritizes comfort while making sure the lenses are kept aligned with your line of vision.

The frame has metal icon accents and the lenses have options for Iridium coating which functions to balance the light and diminish glare and the Transitions Solfx which uses photochromic technology. It is also available in polarized and comes in colors of matte black, infrared…

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The Slip Eyewear from Tifosi

pinit fg en rect gray 20   The Slip Eyewear from Tifosi

the slip eyewear from tifosi 300x132   The Slip Eyewear from Tifosi

The Slip is Tifosi’s latest model designed to cater the high performance rigors of female athletes. The durable eyewear is made from Grilamid TR-90, which is a homopolymide nylon with excellent bending qualities. It is resistant to UV and chemical damage.

Equipped with hydrophilic rubber pieces for the ears and nose, it also has adjustable ear pieces to fit all face sizes. With a weight of 24 grams, the Tifosi Slip features interchangeable lenses that are shatterproof and protects the eyes from harmful UVA/UVB rays while cycling, running or hiking.

The lenses come in the colors Smoke for intense sunlight, AC Red for cloudy skies, Clear for dimming lights and Yellow for darker days.

The Slip comes in frame colors of metallic pink, matte black, matte orange, iron, metallic blue, pearl white, metallic baby blue, and carbon. MSRP ranges from $59.95 to $89.95 depending on frame color….

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Giro Tone Sunglasses

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Tone Sunglasses

giro tone sunglasses   Giro Tone Sunglasses

World renowned brand Giro recently came out with a new line of sunglasses called Tone. They are aptly named that since the eyewear sets the tone for any occasion when worn. Made to last, the sunglasses are made with strong Italian frames that are both lightweight and durable with injection molded Grilamid® and stainless steel hinges. Giro delivers superior performance eyewear and maximum protection with Tone.

The large lens can provide you a wide expanse of your surroundings. They are also made of 8-Base Zeiss certified with True Sight™ Technology. It has UVA, UVB and UVC filters for your eye protection. The sunglasses are prescription ready so you can also have them fit to match your vision needs.

Comfortable, stylish and durable, the Tone is an asset you can bring around for urban bicycling or dirt jumping, as well as socializing.

You can choose from five different styles with prices ranging from $90…

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Ryders Flow Multi-Lens Eyewear

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ryders Flow Multi Lens Eyewear

ryders flow multi lens eyewear   Ryders Flow Multi Lens Eyewear

Glasses are important to cyclists from all disciplines. No matter how they look, they should be accomplishing the goal of protecting your eyes from wind, debris, and what-not. The Ryders Flow Multi-Lens Eyewear are very minimalistic, which makes for a pretty light pair of glasses. They feature polycarbonate lenses that provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. They are made with Duraflex to keep them sturdy. The Ryders Flow Multi-Lens Eyewear also fit comfortably with rubber nose pads and temple tips. The Ryders Flow Multi-Lens Eyewear are available now for a sale price of $27.99 at Performance Bike….

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