pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Northwave Extreme Tech Road Shoe

2012 northwave extreme tech road shoe   2012 Northwave Extreme Tech Road Shoe

For 2012, Bontrager will be replaced by a pair of road shoes called Extreme Tech from Northwave as the footwear sponsor of Team RadioShack. This new road shoe takes pride in its excellent ventilation, maximum comfort, durability, and nice color options.

With a new airflow system, the all-new Ultralight Carbon sole of the Extreme Tech ventilates the rider’s feet. Having no overlapping materials, the entirely seamless upper maximizes comfort. Also, breathability is also optimized by the perforations and ventilation windows of the road shoes.

For those who are looking for an award-winning bike shoe, the 2012 Northwave Extreme Tech Road Shoe is an excellent choice. While it is designed for all pedal types, the shoe also features a Speedplay-specific adapter that allows for an incredibly low stack height.

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