pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Ridley Excalibur Road Bike

2012 ridley excalibur road bike   2012 Ridley Excalibur Road Bike

One of the best-selling race bikes for 2012 is the new road bike called Excalibur from Ridley Bikes. Weighing in at 1.1kg, the Excalibur frame is the second lightest frame ever released by Ridley. Incredible strength-to-weight ratio is offered by its head tube and full carbon dropouts.

Built from 24-ton material and 30-ton reinforcements in its high-stress spots, the frame of the Excalibur was able to save weight and price without compromising the performance and the stiffness of the bike. What gives it an outstanding flex resistance and acceleration is its oversized tubing.

While substantially reducing weight, the 2012 Ridley Excalibur Road Bike has an increased lateral stiffness, thanks to its hollow bottom bracket technology. Riders enjoy optimal comfort on the road due to the flex seat stays of the bike.

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