pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bontrager Evoke R MTB Saddle

2011 bontrager evoke r mtb saddle   2011 Bontrager Evoke R MTB Saddle

One of the new saddles for 2011 that is designed for excellent performance in mountain biking is the Bontrager Evoke R. For proper fit and support, this MTB saddle is available in three widths. Synthetic leather cover and abrasion-resistant edges help optimize unconditional comfort.

Crafted with hi-tech features, the Bontrager Evoke R is designed with inForm Science of Comfort. This design is based on 3D motion capture data and pressure mapping. For enhanced pressure relief to sensitive soft-tissue, the saddle features gender-specific Contour Relief Zone (CRZ).

Aside from comfort, proper blood flow is also enhanced by the 2011 Bontrager Evoke R MTB Saddle, thanks to size specific curvature. This results to a supported skeletal structure and excellent riding position. Off-road riding is made comfortable by the saddle shape’s narrow rear profile and wider nose.

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