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e*Thirteen LG1+ Chain Guide

pinit fg en rect gray 20   e*Thirteen LG1+ Chain Guide

ethirteen lg1   e*Thirteen LG1+ Chain Guide

Riders looking for a dependable chain guide should follow the standards of the professional downhill experts in choosing their chain guide in the form of the innovative e*thirteen LG1 + chain guide.

The e*thirteen LG1 is as light as can be. It also passes the test in terms of looks, as it definitely looks great. Riders who also have had past experience in inferior chain guides should note that the e*thirteen LG1+ is dependable and reliable.

This stylish chain guide is built using alloy hardware and is available in both ISCG-03 or ISCG-05 with a bottom bracket type mount available exclusively for ISCG-05.

Another great thing about the LG1+ is that the custom nuts retain its place, reducing the time spent in fixing and readjusting the guide attached to the bike. Meanwhile, the upper guide snaps quickly onto the upper bolt and pivots to help ease installing or removing the chain guide….

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e*thirteen DH Crank

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ethirteen dh crank   e*thirteen DH CrankMerging with the Hive, e*thirteen releases their new DH Crank in July, 2010. Both companies who are dedicated to design and manufacture industry-shaping components, announces to release their new product in the summer of this year.

Replacing the product Fifteen G offroad product phylum, they will now be rebranded as e*thirteen. Adding soon to their product as well, is their e*thirteen Offroad phylum having both the XC and gravity.

Meanwhile, DH Cranks underwent certain remakes to offer users more. Forged and then machined in a 7050 aluminum arms, are now 40% stronger than most common forged alloys. The chromoly spindle is 30mm and is heat-treated making is 200% more stiffer than the 24 mm steel spindles used in external bearing cranksets.

The German DIN 32711-P3 Polygon interface provides 100% surface contact between the crankarm and the spindle. This eliminates fretting corrosion which is the common cause of crankset loosening…

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e*13 LS1+ Guide 2010

pinit fg en rect gray 20   e*13 LS1+ Guide 2010

e13 ls1 guide 2010   e*13 LS1+ Guide 2010

e*thirteen continues the fight for chain retention systems with the new LS1+. Known as the new generation model to the popular LS1, the LS1+ follows in its foot steps and leverages the strength and reliability from the LG1+. The design of the e*13 LS1+ Guide took many hours to create, and by their advance stamped steel manufacturing e*thirteen has done it again. The e*13 LS1+ Guide for 2010 features LG1+ guide design, adjustable wearplates allow for 32–40T chainring capacity, optional impact flexure design Direct Mount Bashguard, direct Mount Bashguard is available in 36T or 40T maximum chainring capacity, captive hardware, high tensile chrome-moly steel backplate, and anti-corrosion nickel-chrome plated. Retail price is $59.95 USD for the naked LS1+ and $89.95 for the full system. Shipping to retailers late February 2010.

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e*thirteen Chainring New Colors

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ethirteen chainring new colors   e*thirteen Chainring New Colors

Releasing in January 2010, e*thirteen will bring new colors of their chainring, or known as the guidering. Constructed of 7075-T6 aluminum, compatible with 8 speeds, 9 speeds, and 10 speeds, 0.5mm tooth step, and 3mm width. The e*thirteen Chainring (Guiderings) only weighs 37 grams (for a 36 tooth). Best part about them is like previously stated the colors, which are jet black, delta gold, silver bullet, red rocket, grape drink, blue steel, and PG green.

Source: Pinkbike

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e*thirteen Launches XCX Chain Guide

pinit fg en rect gray 20   e*thirteen Launches XCX Chain Guide

ethirteen launches xcx chain guide   e*thirteen Launches XCX Chain Guide

e*thirteen has finally launched the XCX Chain Guide, a product that came from sales director Jonas Mikolayunas. The e*thirteen XCX Chain Guide can be used on mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes, and what it does is allow a single chainring transmission and you do not have to worry about the chain falling without the use of freeride or DH. Highlights are easy to change chains and chainrings, only weighing 56 grams, 1.5 mm backplate spacing with provided 0.5 mm spacers, and the Gear range is 32T – 42T. Your choice of black or white.

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e*thirteen Limited Red Rocket Chain Retention

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e thirteen limited red rocket chain retention   e*thirteen Limited Red Rocket Chain Retention

Since 2006, e*thirteen has released a new limited edition chain retention in a different color, and this year is known as red rocket. Released around the world to select e*thirteen retailers (see list below), but you must note that once the retailer sells out, you will have to find yours either on eBay or another source. The e*thirteen Limited Red Rocket Chain Retention will release in the SRS+ and SS+ models, using the patent pending impact flexure bashguard. Retailers have already placed orders, and you can go to one of the shops on the list to pre-order, which they will receive December 1st, but not release until 2010.

e*thirteen Retailers partaking in the Limited Colorway Releases:
Quality Bicycle Products (USA)
Norco Products (Canada)
Katmar Bike Center (Czech Republic)
Eastern Solar (China)
Tarmin Oy (Finland)
Bagus Bike (Indonesia)
Time Trading (Malaysia)
KRD Imports (New Zealand)
Fun Fancy (Japan)
Silverfish UK (United Kingdom)…

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