pinit fg en rect gray 20   e*Thirteen LG1+ Chain Guide

ethirteen lg1   e*Thirteen LG1+ Chain Guide

Riders looking for a dependable chain guide should follow the standards of the professional downhill experts in choosing their chain guide in the form of the innovative e*thirteen LG1 + chain guide.

The e*thirteen LG1 is as light as can be. It also passes the test in terms of looks, as it definitely looks great. Riders who also have had past experience in inferior chain guides should note that the e*thirteen LG1+ is dependable and reliable.

This stylish chain guide is built using alloy hardware and is available in both ISCG-03 or ISCG-05 with a bottom bracket type mount available exclusively for ISCG-05.

Another great thing about the LG1+ is that the custom nuts retain its place, reducing the time spent in fixing and readjusting the guide attached to the bike. Meanwhile, the upper guide snaps quickly onto the upper bolt and pivots to help ease installing or removing the chain guide….

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