pinit fg en rect gray 20   Chris King Espresso Tamper

chris king espresso tamper   Chris King Espresso Tamper

For cyclists who love making their own coffee, Chris King presents to you the Espresso Tamper. Made from stainless steel, the espresso tamper was created through a partnership between Chris King Precision Components and the America Barista & Coffee School from Portland, Oregon.

Since the company already had other kitchen items like the salt and pepper shakers from anodized hubshells, the Espresso Tamper is another novelty item Chris King decided to venture in since it also matches its own coffee, Chris King Precision Blend Machinist’s Brew and Rocket Brew.

The Espresso Tamper comes in three sizes (53 mm, 56 mm,and 58 mm) and in four colors (pretty and strong pink, brown, gold and red). It has an aluminum handle, a base depth of 10mm and stack height of 83.5mm. It weighs 446 grams and retails for $75.

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