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2012 Ergon GP1 Biokork and GP2 Performance Bike Grips

2012 ergon gp1 biokork and gp2 performance bike grips   2012 Ergon GP1 Biokork and GP2 Performance Bike Grips

Processed in different parts of the world, the 2012 Ergon GP1 Biokork and GP2 Performance Bike Grips offer a unique and unparalleled quality. Like all their products, Ergon has carefully kept the whole impact of these new grips in check, giving it a much higher quality.

First, the bike grips were designed, tested, and engineered in-house in Germany. Then, while the cork of the grips is from Portugal, the materials were molded and packaged in Taiwan. In order to make the grips contaminant free, only medically approved white oil was used.

For 2012, Ergon has updated its bike grips not only by making the compound more durable. More importantly, the packaging and the product itself were designed to be more environmentally friendly. Its carefully selected rubber meets the standards for automotive UV and food safety purity.

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2011 Ergon GX1 Leichtbau White Grip

2011 ergon gx1 leichtbau white grip   2011 Ergon GX1 Leichtbau White Grip

Riders looking for class and distinction should not have any problems whatsoever with the 2011 Ergon GX1 Leichtbau White Grip. Not only does it look really clean and simple, the GX1 is lean and cut and smaller compared to other Ergon products out on the market right now. And it is because of this minute detail that more hand positions can be employed, especially during do-or-die situations.

Being the younger and smaller brother of the Ergon GP1, specifically designed for race use, the GX1 is both a lesser and greater version of the GP1. While falling just a bit short on support, unlike the GP1, the new GX1 is a great grip that still delivers hand support.

Still follow?

The GX1 is made of Kraton rubber, which is both used for the rubber inset and the grip’s broad wing. The grip’s aluminum clamp is also smaller and designed to flow directly…

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Topeak-Ergon Canyon Grand Canyon CF Team Mountain Bike

topeak ergon canyon grand canyon cf team mountain bike   Topeak Ergon Canyon Grand Canyon CF Team Mountain Bike

Team Topeak-Ergon has just recently released the latest look of the machine Canyon hardtail. With Ritchey WCS Carbon seatpost, Ritchey superlogic carbon handlebars, Ritchey WCS carbonmatrix 4-axis stem and Terry Fly RSR Team Edition saddle, making its components maximize the power of speed and control.

Built with Grand Canyon CF frame and RockShox SID Worldcup Team fork, The Topeak-Ergon Canyon Grand Canyon CF Team Mountain bike gives the true essence of what it takes to be a team….

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Ergon Flat Pedal PC2

ergon flat pedal pc2 1 300x199   Ergon Flat Pedal PC2

The Flat Pedal PC2 from Ergon is a power pedal that aims to delight every urban cyclist. The PC2 is made from a lightweight durable material called GFK Composite, which was developed by Ergon with Magura. The main feature that sets the PC2 flat pedal apart is its 3M-SafetyWalkTM portion on the pedal’s platform. This is what keeps your foot from slipping and maximizes the transfer of power from foot to pedal.

The PC2 has polymer bearings with radial seals and an inner-stop to position your foot correctly on the pedal. To minimize the Q-factor, it has a narrow axle construction and a contoured platform. The pedal is designed with a 6 degree angle on the platform to minimize hip-knee-foot complaints with the correct biomechanics and proper alignment of joints.

The Ergon Flat Pedal PC2 has integrated reflectors for visibility and was a Eurobike 2010 Awardee.

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