pinit fg en rect gray 20   Eneloop Hybrid Bicycle by Sanyo

eneloop hybrid bicycle by sanyo   Eneloop Hybrid Bicycle by Sanyo

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, this month Japanese electronics manufacturer, Sanyo, unveiled its e-bike, the Eneloop Hybrid Bicycle.

Sanyo’s e-bike takes the shape of a town bicycle with little evidence of being lithium-ion battery powered, too.

The Eneloop Hybrid Bicycle gets approximately 46 miles on a single charge. While braking and cruising down hill, the lithium-ion battery, which is harnessed to the bikes frame, charges for extended battery power.

E-bike manufacturers hope to increase its sales in the US market, but rely on a change in consumer attitudes to do so. For the most part, the negativity surrounding these hybrid machines are slowly lifting away. And they’ll continue to disappear with the rise in prices a the pump.

Though not a cheap investment, the Sanyo Eneloop Hybrid Bicycle is sure to save consumers in their commutes over the long course. At worst, in pedal-mode, the e-bike…

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