pinit fg en rect gray 20   Endura Convert II Jacket

endura convert ii jacket   Endura Convert II Jacket

The Endura Convert II can simply be summed up into a few words – nice and comfy.

The new Convert II from Endura is first and foremost a waterproof jacket that can be used to both keep you warm and protect you from running in the rain and getting soaked.

A surprising feature with this new jacket is that it is lightweight thanks to 2.5 layer waterproofed/breathable fabric complete with detachable sleeves.

The jacket also looks exceptionally trendy and modern with twin front pockets and zip rear pockets.

To keep you safe even when riding during evenings, the Endura Convert II features a 360 degree reflective surface to help make drivers aware of your presence on the road.

It is also available in various sizes including small, medium, large, xtra large and XXL and is currently priced at $200….

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