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2011 Ellsworth Method Freeride Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ellsworth Method Freeride Bike

2011 ellsworth method freeride bike   2011 Ellsworth Method Freeride Bike

A new freeride bike called the Method is launched by Ellsworth this 2011. It was named the Method by Rick B. from Spokane, Washington, the winner of the contest, “Name it. Win it. Ride it.” Rick said that the name stands for the bike’s simplicity and clean lines.

Most of all, Rick said that the bike fits the name Method because it adheres to something that works instead of following the hottest acronym or fad. All these amazing attributes are reflected by the bike models and their names and feel.

Perfectly described in a single word, the Method is the epitome of the way Ellsworth does things. The 2011 Ellsworth Method Freeride Bike is manufactured through a system that works and an application of new ways to refine it.

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2011 Ellsworth Truth SST.2 Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ellsworth Truth SST.2 Frame

2011 ellsworth truth sst 2 frame   2011 Ellsworth Truth SST.2 Frame

Packed with new amazing features, the 100mm travel Truth SST.2 from Tony Ellsworth is made even better in 2011. These new features include Ellsworth’s proprietary ICT suspension, SST.2 tubing, a lighter and stronger pivot integrated seat tube and a semi-integrated tapered head tube.

A favorite among privateer racers through the years, the Truth takes pride in its legendary performance. The ICT (Instant Center Tracking) suspension is a true four-bar design that allows the rear wheel’s virtual pivot to be always positioned somewhere beside the chain’s torque line.

What the SST.2 in the frame’s name refers to is the Superformed Seat Tube, a complex, organic-looking seat tube that integrates the mounting point for the rocker’s central pivot. Laterally stiff with well-allocated overall weight, the 2011 Ellsworth Truth SST.2 Frame is a great choice not only to XC racers but to all riders, too.

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2011 Ellsworth Momentum

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ellsworth Momentum

2011 ellsworth momentum   2011 Ellsworth Momentum

The Momentum is Ellsworth‘s first venture into slopestyle/4x/dual bikes. With 120mm rear travel and 100mm travel by Fox 831 front fork on this mountain bike, It uses ICT or Instant Center Tracking suspension and monocoque chainstays for added durability.

The Momentum comes with a pivot integrated seat tube, held by 12mm Sex Pins and a semi-integrated tapered headtube. Using tube-to-tube welding, its design is host to a short wheelbase, slack head angle and low bottom bracket.

Other details include a chainstay length of 430mm, 405mm seat tube and a shock length of 190mm. The Momentum comes in two sizes and with a unique raw aluminum finish. Spec’d with Loaded components, MSRP for the Momentum with X9 is $4,395, with XT it’s $4,895 and $2,395 with Fox RP23 for just the frame, shock and hardware.

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Ellsworth Coefficient Triathlon Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ellsworth Coefficient Triathlon Bike

ellsworth coefficient triathlon bike 300x186   Ellsworth Coefficient Triathlon Bike

The Coefficient from Ellsworth is its triathlon bike offering. Built to bring home the gold, the Ellsworth Coefficient is an aerodynamic masterpiece. The Force Vector Anisotropic design was applied on the bike with the rare earth carbon or high modulus carbon as material to shape the frame into a sleek and powerful machine.

The Coefficient has a dual position saddle which can be adjusted to 76 and 79 degrees. It features an uncut steering post and seatpost. The adjustable aero seatpost allows you to speed up as needed. The triathlon bike weighs 16.5lbs. Light and fast, Ellsworth made sure that a rider stays comfortable in any position when riding the Coefficient, even when it’s on a flat-backed tuck position.

The Ellsworth Coefficient Triathlon Bike retails at $3295 for a frame kit. This includes a fork, headset, seatpost and seatpost clamp. It comes in black and white color with red details and…

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2011 Ellsworth Roots Cyclocross Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ellsworth Roots Cyclocross Bike

2011 ellsworth roots cyclocross bike1   2011 Ellsworth Roots Cyclocross Bike

The 2011 Ellsworth Roots Cyclocross Bike was first introduced in 1996 with a drop bar and a geometry specific to cyclocross. The lastest Roots gives more than what its ancestor offered. More than a cyclocross bike, the Roots can even be a commuter bike.

The new 2011 Ellsworth Roots features a rare earth carbon rear and SST Aluminum front end. It comes in five sizes and now includes water bottle cages incorporated into the design. It also has the firm tail technlogy called dual Mono Stay which allows the cyclocross bike to be flexible enough to support belt drive configurations, gearless NuVinci, singlespeed configurations, multi-gear chain drive options and belt and chain drive.

The chainstay length is at 17.15 inches and the bike is available in two colors, Velo Bella and White Carbon. The frame kit retails at $999 which includes Easton EC90X Cross fork, 35.0 seat clamp and FSA Orbit…

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