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2011 Craft Elite Bib Bike Shorts

2011 craft elite bib bike shorts   2011 Craft Elite Bib Bike Shorts

Coming from a reputable brand in the cycling market, the 2011 Craft Elite Bib Bike Shorts are an impressive garment that features great fit and performance during long-distance riding in the saddle. Packed with amazing features, this is definitely the cycling garment to trust.

Updated for 2011, the Craft Elite Bibs have a lot of new features to take pride in. Included in these new and affordable features are the CoolMax fabric uppers, wider silicone cuffs, three different chamois sizes and designs.

Also featured by the 2011 Craft Elite Bib Bike Shorts are flat, durable seams, antimicrobial Elite gel chamois, and revised panels and lower fabrics. For total freedom of movement, the Body control fabric has a 4-way stretch. Keeping the bib in place are silicone leg grippers.

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2011 Italia Corsa Water Bottle

2011 italia corsa water bottle 233x300   2011 Italia Corsa Water Bottle

Elite celebrates with Italy on its 150th birthday by releasing the 2011 Italia Corsa Water Bottle. Featuring improved graphics of the Italian flag, the special-edition water bottle will be used by sponsored Elite teams during all the 2011 season races.

As an Italia company, Elite is proud to present the sincere tribute of the Italian color to the whole world. Italia Corsa, a 100% biodegradable water bottle, is for riders who are environment lovers as well.

Conforming to UCI guidelines, the water bottle features two types of openings, a screw top or pull top. The top screws are similar to that of a typical water bottle. What makes it different is the safety valve, made from thermo-plastic rubber, which allows the liquid out if a bike wheel accidentally hits it.

The 2011 Italia Corsa is BPA free just like all Elite water bottles. Users’ health is guaranteed because it…

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2011 Sixsixone Elite Bomber Undershorts

2011 sixsixone elite bomber undershorts   2011 Sixsixone Elite Bomber Undershorts

Designed with enhanced flexibility and feel, the 2011 Sixsixone Elite Bomber Undershorts are a cycling garment that will help achieve greater comfort during a tough or long ride. This padded undershorts by Elite Bomber got its amazing flexible features from its soft EVA foam and embossed hard foam.

In less critical areas of the Sixsixone Elite Bomber Undershorts, EVA foam is added to make the garment softer. On the other hand, the Elite Bomber undershorts integrate embossed hard foam meant for protection in the hips.

Additional features of the Sixsixone are chamois and 4-way stretch flexible body to further make it softer and more flexible. Chamois is added to the undershorts to add more comfort in the saddle and the vented 4-Way stretch flexible body is a new feature.

Riders will find it great wearing the 2011 Sixsixone Elite Bomber Undershorts because of its anti-slippery qualities, too. Aside from cycling,…

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Elite Nature Bottle Super Corsa

elite nature bottle super corsa 300x300   Elite Nature Bottle Super CorsaElite introduces a fully biodegradable water bottle that can decompose within a year when left in the compost pit or dump. The Nature Bottle is an earth-friendly accessory for the green cyclist. This is due to the bottle’s composition, which is food-grade polyethylene and thermoplastic rubber.

The materials are all recyclable. Should you dispose of the bottle accidentally, the microorganisms present in its surroundings will attack the bottle’s polymer chain and in the process, it will give off water and carbon dioxide.

In normal use, the bottle is functional as it is environmental-friendly. Cervelo team riders used the Nature Bottle at the Giro d’Itala 2010. It is BPA (Bisphenol A) free and comes in 500ml and 750ml sizes. For the 750ml Elite Nature Bottle Super Corsa, it costs only $8.97….

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Elite Sior Bottle Cage

elite sior bottle cage   Elite Sior Bottle CageEvery bike should have an accessory that is of good use. It is a must to check the practicality of every accessory you put into your bike. With this being said, the Elite Sior bottle cage fits the practicality of an accessory you need for your bike.

Elite, a company known for manufacturing almost everything when it comes to bike parts and accessories, now gives you their newest product for your bike, the new Sior bottle cage. Now, this bottle cage only weighs 28g or so which is very light to even add weight to your bike.

The Sior is the product of combined materials made of carbon and titanium. This was done in search for the ultimate strength and lightness of a bottle cage. There are two lateral wings on this item. The first wing helps grip the water bottler while the second frontal arch helps prevent your water…

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Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite Tire

specialized all condition armadillo elite tire   Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite Tire

Any road cyclist knows that conditions are never the same from day to day, or from season to season for that matter. Not only can the weather be bad, but there can be hazards on the road as well that will leave you on foot for the rest of the way home. With Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite Tires as insurance for your cycle, you should be able to brave the elements without worry. These tires are all-condition, meaning they are suitable for any kind of weather. They’re also puncture-proof, and feature Specialized’s Dual Radius tread design for ultimate performance. They are lightweight with minimal rolling resistance. Purchase the Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite Tire at the Specialized online shop for $60 a piece….

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Custom Carbon Bottle Cage by Elite

custom carbon bottle cage by elite   Custom Carbon Bottle Cage by Elite

The Custom Carbon Bottle Cage by Elite is ideal for those cyclists seeking to shave off the weight on their ride. The carbon holder supports a standard 74-millimeter bottles and weighs 27-grams. At the “V” in the design, a piece of metal for added strength is present. Elite’s Custom Carbon Bottle Cage retails for $140 and is available now.

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