2012 stereo bikes bmx plug in electro and flash   2012 Stereo Bikes BMX  Plug In, Electro, and Flash

New in the BMX world are three machines from the 2012 range of Stereo Bikes namely Plug In, Electro and Flash. First, the Plug In features a very supple 20.25″ frame, a good-looking proprietary seat, the frontloaded Wolf stem and an eagle on the headset tube.

As one of the most popular bikes of Stereo Bikes, the Electro takes pride in its top-notch components such as Odyssey tires and pedals, Rewind sprocket, and its rim strips. The Flash is very famous as well. Its excellent components include super lightweight chromo and aluminum frame, fork and handlebar.

With definitive enhancements in style and technique, the Plug In, the Electro, and the Flash are the state-of-the-art complete bikes from the 2012 Stereo Bikes BMX range. All revamped, these three completes feature a new astonishing eagle on the headset tube.

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