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Velo Chic Collapsible Electric Bike for Women by Raymon Hung

velo chic collapsible electric bike for women by raymon hung   Velo Chic Collapsible Electric Bike for Women by Raymon Hung

For 2012, Raymon Hung has designed something new for female urban riders, the new Velo Chic Collapsible Electric Bike. Designed with active women in mind, this practical and clean electric bike is made to be used in the city on a daily basis.

While space-conscious, the Velo Chic is loaded with several integrated components, which include the detachable storage space and shaft drive, as well as a bike lock and lights. Also integrated in the seat tube is a hidden electric power assist system.

Not only is the Velo Chic a lightweight and easy-to-use collapsible order viagra online electric bike, Raymon Hung made sure that it is a functional urban bike with a two-layer basket matched with a delicate touch of femininity through a classy retro look.


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2012 Gocycle G2 Electric Bike

2012 gocycle g2 electric bike   2012 Gocycle G2 Electric Bike

A highly innovative electric bike called Gocycle G2 has been released by Karbon Kinetics Limited for 2012. Along with its fashionable injection-molded magnesium frame is an outstanding ride quality and simple design, which offers a handlebar dashboard, an enlarged range, and optional electronic shifting and torque sensing.

With the use of the technology of magflow inject molding frame, the Gocycle G2 weighs just 14.9kg. Inserted in its frame is Li-ion battery, which offers power to 11Ah/22V. It takes just 3.5hr to charge the battery and with full battery power, this electric bike can be used up to 32km.

Built by Flextronics of Hungary, the 2012 Gocycle G2 Electric Bike guarantees unparalleled electronics and both injection-molding. Ramp-up in the production of the electric bikes was guaranteed to be smooth, thanks to its partnership with Flextronics, which is an expert in this field.

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2012 Izip E3 Zuma 36 Volt Lithium Ion Electric Bike

2012 izip e3 zuma 36 volt lithium ion electric bike   2012 Izip E3 Zuma 36 Volt Lithium Ion Electric Bike

Izip has introduced a new 36-volt lithium ion electric bike for 2012 called E3 Zuma. Packed with a lot of state-of-the-art features, this electric cruiser is ideal for riders who are looking for a powerful machine. Not only is this bike powerful, it guarantees amazing speed.

While it takes pride in its loads of torque, the E3 Zuma can effortlessly hit over 20mph, and in pedal-assist mode, it can easily climb hills at 23 to 30 miles. Moreover, this top-of-the-line electric bike has a lightweight removable 36V / 11AH Li-Ion battery that is guaranteed to last long.

Featuring a 500-Watt geared hub motor, the 2012 Izip E3 Zuma 36 Volt Lithium Ion Electric Bike is unquestionably unparalleled. Most of the pre-built e-bike models on the market today do not offer such a feature. Indeed, the E3 Zuma is a great combination of traditional simplicity and modern technology.

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2011 Halfords Urban Mover U-Sprite Electric Bike

2011 halfords urban mover u sprite electric bike   2011 Halfords Urban Mover U Sprite Electric Bike

Well-designed, plain, and reasonably priced, the 2011 Halfords Urban Mover U-Sprite Electric Bike takes pride in its specs that are thoughtfully put together. Including battery, this electric bike weighs in at 22kg, which makes it quite lightweight for an e-bike.

Contributing to this moderate weight are the mudguards, aluminum frame, rack and wheelset. With such weight, this e-bike does not need battery assistance to spin around town, despite its sit-up-and-beg riding position.

On the other hand, this e-bike is a little lumbering for hills with its high, wide bar and upright pedaling position. What makes the 2011 Halfords Urban Mover U-Sprite Electric Bike special is its attention to detail considering its low price. Thus, even after the electrics are outmoded, the bike can be a lasting investment.

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2011 PiCycle Hybrid Electric Bike

2011 picycle hybrid electric bike   2011 PiCycle Hybrid Electric Bike

For a special riding experience, a unique and hi-tech bike is needed such as the 2011 PiCycle Hybrid Electric Bike. The latest model from Pi Mobility, PiCycle features the brand’s signature arch frame, which is aluminum heat-treated monocoque, with a simplified design.

With integrated Wi-Fi-based technology, riders monitor the bike’s performance from a distance and track it once stolen. Inside the arch frame of the electric bike is a 10 amp hour lithium-ion battery, which offers power to a front-mounted 750 watt/36 volt brushless DC motor.

For an average single charge, the 2011 PiCycle Hybrid Electric Bike can reach up to 20 miles with a recharge time of three and a half hours. Also featured by this hi-tech machine is a belt drive system, hydraulic brakes, a suspension seat post, a lacquer finish, and an internal hub transmission with shift-on-the-fly capabilities.

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YikeBike Review

yikebike review   YikeBike Review

The YikeBike is an electric bicycle like no other because of its outrageous design. It definitely has no other peers in the looks department. This eccentric electric bike from New Zealand has a 15 mph speed cap and a six mile range.

Given it’s unique name, the YikeBike is still reliable in traveling, particularly in cemented or flat areas where it works it’s magic. Despite looking like those old penny-farthing bikes from the past, it certainly is and can be considered a work of science.

Grant Ryan, the creator of the YikeBike has designed the front tires to have a diameter of a mere 20 inches, while the rear is only 8 inches in diameter.

Portability is one unique and uncanny feature for this electric bike. Users can collapse the little rear wheel and tuck it inside the front, which also holds the battery pack as well as the…

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Ultra Motor A2B Metro Electric Bike

free yourself from traffic with the ultra motor a2b metro electric bike 288x300   Ultra Motor A2B Metro Electric BikeThe Ultra Motor A2B Metro Electric Bike is extremely lightweight and perfect for those who wants to pursue cycling not just for keeping healthy but also on saving gas and caring for the environment. It uses a lithium ion battery that is worth 500 watts making it very friendly to Mother Earth.

This bike is ideal to be used if you will run errands around the neighborhood or if you would rather cycle your way to work instead of commuting. With the extra power on the pedals that the motor renders the rider, you can be sure to reach your workplace still looking refreshed and moreover, extremely in the pink of health. So you can also start saying goodbye to the stressful traffic you might just face again on your way to work.

If you are really giving it some real thought on whether taking another means of transportation to get to…

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