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2011 Electra Townie 7D Ladies

2011 electra townie 7d ladies   2011 Electra Townie 7D Ladies

Electra has launched an innovative women’s bike called the Townie 7D. Inspired by design innovation, the Townie is a rebel when it comes to contemporary bike frame geometry. Comfort, torque, and efficiency are offered by the inventive road bike power-riding position.

One of the best features of the Townie is the Flat Foot Technology, a creative means to allow riders to put both their feet flat on the ground at a stop at any time they want without leaving the saddle. This provides more stability, control, and convenience to women riders.

Along with the superb quality components of the 2011 Electra Townie 7D Ladies are its luxury detailing and magnificent style. Aside from being very easy to mount and dismount, the bike guarantees comfort with its full leg extension, low center of gravity, and ergonomic saddle with elastomer bumpers.

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2011 Electra Ladies Fashion Cruisers Collection

2011 electra ladies fashion cruisers collection   2011 Electra Ladies Fashion Cruisers Collection

A new collection is upon us from Electra known as the Ladies Fashion Cruisers. In total 7 Electra women cruisers will release, 3 for Fall and 4 for Spring 2011.

All of the 2011 Electra Ladies Fashion Cruisers use playful designs, a mixture of vibrant and pastel colors, Electra’s new patented flat foot technology, and Shimano Nexus internal 3 speed hub with coaster brakes.

The first series will release this month (October), and consists of the Peace 3i, Numbers 3i, and Koi 3i, which all retail for $599.99.

The second series coming in Spring 2011: thee Cherie 3i, Butterfly 3i, Hula 3i, and Flowers 3i. Retailing at the same price ($599.99).

With this collection, Electra and their connection to women and cycling will only grow. We are sure to see ladies riding these not only as a means of exercise, but a fashion accessory.

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2011 Electra Mens Attitude Collection: Mulholland 3i, Zarape 3i, Lakester 3i

2011 electra mens attitude collection mulholland 3i zarape 3i lakester 3i 1   2011 Electra Mens Attitude Collection: Mulholland 3i, Zarape 3i, Lakester 3i

Electra shares a new collection called the “Men’s Attitude Collection”. On show was the Mulholland 3i, Zarape 3i, and Lakester 3i, all new for 2011.

The graphics of each 2011 Electra– Mulholland 3i, Zarape 3i, and Lakester–are inspired by those on classic cars, or hot rods.

The 2011 Mulholland 3i, derived from American muscle with its sweeping lines and bold colors, will be available Spring 2011 for $799.99.

Zarape 3i takes on a lowrider look. In the lowrider world of restoration, many enthusiasts focus mainly on restoring a car’s running gear and external cosmetics, but when it comes time to change the upholstery, a Mexican blanket does the job. Car pinstripes were applied in various places across the frame in orange, while the main color used is a matte petrol. MSRP is $799.99, and will hit Electra retailers Spring 2011.

Last but not least is the 2011 Electra…

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Electra Townie Euro 2010 Town Bike

electra townie euro 2010 town bike   Electra Townie Euro 2010 Town Bike

Variety is the key to success with Electra, and the Townie Euro 2010 Town Bike show it. In total, four different Townie’s are available; Sport, Euro, Balloon, and Originals, while each is designed around different riding styles and areas. On to the bike at hand, the Electra Townie Euro 2010 Town Bike feature flat foot technology, so the riders feet are in appropriate positioning while rotating for advance comfort and control. Three different derailleurs are available, 24, 8, and 8 internal hub. Retail price will fluctuate with specific needs or design. All Townie Town Bikes come with fenders and baskets. …

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Electra Ticino 2010 Town Bike

electra ticino 2010 town bike   Electra Ticino 2010 Town Bike

Within the last couple of years, Electra Bicycle Company introduced the Amsterdam, a Dutch city bike with a comfortable upright riding position. In 2010 Electra is set to release their new line of bicycles called the Ticino. The Ticino resembles the riding style of the Amsterdam and the look of the vintage roadster bicycles. The Ticino is a sporty, lightweight, 700c touring bike. The Ticino offers versatility based on price point. The least expensive is the Ticino 1. It’s a single-speed freewheel on a chromoly maintube frameset and standard dual-pivot caliper pull brakes. The most expensive model, the Ticino 20D, has more of a distinct look. The most obvious visual change are the brakes that have been changed to a Tektro Cantilever on the men’s and Dia-Compe Cente-Pulls, both that stem from the end of the handlebars. Both the men’s and women’s bicycle offer a Shimano 20-speed105 drivetrain…

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