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Electra Bikes iPhone App

electra bikes iphone app   Electra Bikes iPhone App

Our friends at Electra Bikes has introduced a new iPhone App that includes 6 Electra collections, download wallpapers, plus you can find a local retailer. One of the best parts of the Electra Bikes iPhone App is the lifestyle portion, where people that own a Electra bike can take pictures and upload them to share with the Electra Way to Roll community. The app is not only available for the iPhone, but for iPods and the new iPad. You can download now for free, have fun.

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Electra Recalls 6,400 of Its 2009 Model Bikes

electra recalls 6400 of its 2009 model bikes1   Electra Recalls 6,400 of Its 2009 Model Bikes

Electra Bicycle Co. has placed a recall on 6,400 of its 2009 model Electra bikes with front trays or baskets after receiving 15 reports of loose trays and baskets. The defective Electra bicycles were sold by Electra dealers nationwide between October 2008 and August 2009 for $600 to $750. The problem has also been prevalent among Electra bikes with Electra’s after-market trays, which sales for $100. Contact Electra by phone (800-261-1644) or visit for a free inspection and repair regarding this issue….

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