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Eightinch Butcher Freestyle Fixed Frame

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Eightinch Butcher Freestyle Fixed Frame

eightinch butcher freestyle fixed frame   Eightinch Butcher Freestyle Fixed Frame

After teaser pics and blurred images, we finally have product shots of the Eightinch Butcher Freestyle frame.

Eightinch shows the Butcher Freestyle in black, but according to their website, another color will be revealed. Some of the specifications are double butted 4130 Chromo, Removable 990 Brake Mounts, Removable Cable Mounts, barspin and 700×45 tire clearance, Mid-BB and Integrated Headeset.

Sizes available will be 50, 53, 56, and 59cm. Although a specific retail price is not set, an estimated price is $300 for the frame, and $350 for the matching forks.

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Eightinch Amelia Wheelset Restock

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Eightinch Amelia Wheelset Restock

eightinch amelia wheelset restock   Eightinch Amelia Wheelset Restock

When Eightinch released the Amelia wheelset, they sold out pretty fast, but those that missed out have another chance to purchase with Eightinch announcing a restock. Two of the best factors are the price which is $99 for the set, and colors that are available in purple, lime green, orange, black, white and silver. Unfortunately, white, black and silver are already sold out. Stop by to grab your wheelset.

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