pinit fg en rect gray 20   EH eBike Street Racer, Ferrari of Electric Bikes

eh ebike street racer ferrari of electric bikes   EH eBike Street Racer, Ferrari of Electric Bikes

On the high end of the eBike spectrum is the Street Racer by EH. Dubbed the “Ferrari of Electric Bikes” by the company behind it, the US$9,250 eBike can handle speeds of up to 28mph.

The Street Racer is quite a looker. Composed of aluminum, the body comes colored to taste. (More images of the bike in different colors after the jump.) It’s design is more on the race-type front than most other eBikes, which tend to sport a contemporary look.

EH designed its eBike with a BionX motor, capable of a training mode that simulates gradients on a ride. The motor is also able to recharge the battery it uses on descends. Without the motor, the Street Racer weighs in at a staggering 35lbs, placing it in the heavy pedal-bicycle category.

The EH Steet Racer is definitely in a league of its own. While its speed, aesthetics and training program…

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