pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Eclat BMX Tires: Escape, Controle, Comand

2011 eclat bmx tires 1 300x191   2011 Eclat BMX Tires: Escape, Controle, Comand

Three new tires will be released in January-February 2011 from Eclat BMX. These are Escape, Controle and Comand. All of the models come in options of black, white or skin colored walls and have 120 tpi construction. The sizes available are 2.1 and 2.3.

Escape is a tire built for a smooth and fast ride over wood and pavement. It has the lowest rolling resistance over the rest of the new models. With square-cut lines and side grip divisions for wear and tear protection, the Escape has a flat profile made for a great ride.

Controle is best for all-around street and ramp. The wide center promotes fast rolling speeds while keeping maximum slip resistance with its side wall contours.

Comand features aggressive patterns for deep digging of the trail. It has a solid and bulky profile, which can take on rugged terrain and step heights.

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