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2011 Easton 26″ EA90 XC Disc Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Easton 26 EA90 XC Disc Wheelset

2011 easton 26 ea90 xc disc wheelset   2011 Easton 26 EA90 XC Disc Wheelset

Easton introduced a 26″ XC wheelset called EA90 XC Disc this 2011. This wheelset is a product of the XC One Wheelset and the Haven Wheelset. Like the Haven, the EA90 XC 26″ wheels, which are about 90g lighter, are UST approved.

The UST logo indicates that the EA90 wheels are guaranteed tubeless compatible. Moreover, to meet the rigorous standards, the wheels feature all of the shaping and structural requirements. A UST tire can be practically seated on these wheels with just a floor pump or by hand.

New hubs were made for the 2011 Easton 26″ EA90 XC Disc Wheelset with both hubshells aluminum and anodized red machined. In the hub, the straight-pull Sapim double-butted spokes are placed in a 3-cross pattern. The front is available in 15mm thru-axle and standard quick release versions.

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Easton EC90 Aero 56mm Clincher

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Easton EC90 Aero 56mm Clincher

easton ec90 aero 56mm clincher   Easton EC90 Aero 56mm Clincher

Easton EC90 Aero 56mm clincher makes a debut with slippery aerodynamics and excellent braking power. The carbon clincher matches the performance of the traditional aluminum clincher at a lesser weight and more stiffness. The rims are 22mm wide and 56mm deep. Easton has the ThermaTec treatment applied on the braking surface of the EC90 Aero. Maximum limit of heat the clincher can handle up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hand-laced and tuned to maintain an even spoke tension across each wheel, the spoke count for the 56mm clincher is 18 radial on the front and 20 radial non-drive side spokes, 2-cross drive side for the rear. Hubs are R4SL with ceramic type bearing. The EC90 Aero also features red alloy external nipples and Sapim CX Ray spokes.

A pair of Easton’s EC90 Aero 6mm clincher weighs 1658g and retails for $2000.

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Easton’s New Haven Line

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Eastons New Haven Line

eastons new haven line   Eastons New Haven Line

Releasing its new collection, the brand Easton has added to its Haven line a new set of handlebars, stems and seat posts to go along with the all-mountain alloy and carbon wheel set that they had released previously.

The Haven bar, which is both offered in carbon and alloy versions are almost the same with their 71mm width, 20mm rise and 9-degree back sweep. They also added the new haven carbon bar that is a cross-country light which is about 170g but at an affordable price. Besides the bars, they also added their Taper Wall butting and shaping technology that keeps the aluminum version at 265g all in two colors.

Also, available soon to their product is the matching machined and forged aluminum stem with a large 40mm diameter extension and a handlebar clamp that resists torsional flex. The upcoming handlebar will also have Easton’s Top-lock faceplate design which is…

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Easton Haven Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Easton Haven Wheelset

easton haven wheelset1   Easton Haven WheelsetIf you want a strong and light yet superb performance, the Easton Haven wheelset is the one that could fit what you are looking for. The Haven is laced with straight-pull spokes which can be replaced right away if one breaks. The threads are tensioned with a nipple system into the eyelet. Spoke threads on the nipple but its adjustment is found via a conventional spoke key.

The 24 spokes has a three-cross pattern into the 21mm width and 22mm deep section rims. The Haven uses a sealed rim bed, it is a fully UST tubeless compatible.  As standard it comes with a Presta valve, you can also use that according to your preferences.  Haven has the same champagne finish as the rims.

The freehub body is made from aluminum and is easily removed when the 5mm caps on each end of the axle is lossened. When cleaning this freehub, the…

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Easton Haven Disc Wheels

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Easton Haven Disc Wheels

easton haven disc wheels   Easton Haven Disc Wheels

The new Easton Haven Disc Wheels are designed specifically for mountain bike trail riding and bikes with 5 to 6 inches of travel. Easton’s Haven wheelset uses an internal rim width of 21mm, giving the overall wheel a wider finish that will fit 2.5″ tires, and does not require a rim strip. Using a unique threaded eyelet system, the nipple is threaded externally and internally with straight pull spokes.

Easton Haven Wheels front hub is made for 15mm thru axles, but can be used with 9mm quick release mounting with the adapter that comes with the wheelset. Available for 26 inch and 29er mountain bikes, the Easton Haven wheels weigh 1,650 grams together. Retail price is still to be determined….

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Easton EA30 Stem Recalled

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Easton EA30 Stem Recalled

easton ea30 stem recalled1   Easton EA30 Stem Recalled

Easton Sports has voluntarily recalled its EA30 stems that were sold between August 2007 and September 2009, as reported U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Easton has received a report that one of their stems broke and caused minor injury to the rider. The number of stems affected by Easton’s recall is about 6,400. If you have an EA30 stem, you should stop using it immediately and contact Easton Sports for a replacement. Check out Easton’s Web site for more information.

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