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2011 Eastern Growler

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Eastern Growler

2011 eastern growler   2011 Eastern Growler

Eastern bikes reveal one of their latest additions to their ever expanding Expert series line in the form of the 2011 Eastern Growler.

Similar to the design of another 2011 model from Eastern Bikes, the Growler comes equipped with a shorter frame designed specifically for street riding or park riding as well as Eastern Fuquay Flyer grips and tires to make it more comfortable and controlled. The tires also help in optimizing speed while pedaling.

The 2011 model itself also features a hydro formed down tube designed with an integrated gusset with replaceable brake mounts in the frame. Its top tube is 20.5” while the rear chainstay is 13.75”. The bike frame that is currently sold is the 2011 Growler Frame crafted using a 4130 Chromoly top and the aforementioned downtube, which has also been fitted with gyro tab holes and 78mm wide BB for better tire clearance.

The fork…

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Eastern Bikes 2011 Grim Reaper Eternal Edition

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Eastern Bikes 2011 Grim Reaper Eternal Edition

eastern bikes 2011 grim reaper eternal edition   Eastern Bikes 2011 Grim Reaper Eternal Edition

First launched in 2007 as the Grim Reaper, Eastern Bikes reintroduces its model for 2011 as the Grim Reaper Eternal Edition.

The 2011 Eastern Bikes Grim Reaper Eternal Edition brings the same qualities as the original Grim Reaper but updated with integrated chain tensioners within the drop outs, Lowboy seat clamp, Helix down tube and a wider bottom bracket.

The 2011 Grim Reaper Eternal Edition weighs in at 4.3 pounds and will be available soon at Eastern Bike retailers.

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