2012 sidi eagle 5 pro mountain bike shoes   2012 Sidi Eagle 5 Pro Mountain Bike Shoes

For 2012, Sidi has created one of the top mountain bike shoes called Eagle 5 Pro. These great-looking and high-performance MTB shoes have three major features, which include its caliper buckle and its soft instep two-closure and Velcro security systems.

First, the caliper buckle is an adjusted micrometric closure made by elevating the central buckle. Second, through the soft instep two-closure system, the combination of a supple thermo-formed material and lessened padded strap enhances both performance and comfort.

Lastly, the Velcro security system comes with locking polymer teeth to improve security. Indeed, the ingeniously crafted 2012 Sidi Eagle 5 Pro Mountain Bike Shoes are greatly helpful during rides that involve muddy and tricky trails.

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