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New Kona E-Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Kona E Bikes

kona e bikes   New Kona E Bikes

Kona has three new e-bikes for May. Known as the Ticket, Token and the Electric Ute, these new electric bicycles come in 700c road wheel and 26” mountain bike wheel types. For casual riding, the Ticket and the Token are your choices whereas the Electric Ute would be ideal for getting groceries or running errands.

The Ticket and the Token are equipped with a battery assisted Pedelec motor of 24-volts and 250 watts. A smooth ride is expected due to the mounted TMM torque sensor on the dropout. The sensor balances the power output created from your pedaling and the front wheel drive motor.

The battery ensures as much as 700 rides with its 24V x 10Ah capacity. You can go as far as 30km if you have it under power assist mode. If you use it under the normal mode, the system can assist you up to 57km. A 100km range…

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E-Bikes Face Rocky Roads in America

pinit fg en rect gray 20   E Bikes Face Rocky Roads in America

e bikes face rocky roads in america   E Bikes Face Rocky Roads in America

The future of e-bikes seems murky in America when compared to other locations such as China and Europe, where the car and motorcycle are quickly taking a backseat to the electric-powered bicycle.

Consider this situation in China, where Zhou, a regular family man uses his e-bike to travel the city streets and pick up some groceries at the store. Along the way, he meets and joins up with hundreds of other commuters who are riding on e-bikes, too. His wife also uses the electric bike to do some errands, and his son has bought another one to use for work.

Now compare that scene to this one in America. Paul uses his e-bike to ride around town, buying supplies and doing some errands. He does this every day, but it’s a rare thing for him to see another e-biker on the road. What’s more, the…

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Magna Makes E-Bikes in Canada

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magna makes e bikes in canada   Magna Makes E Bikes in Canada

Magna International, known as the number one auto-parts company in Canada, is widening its horizons and extending its business to include e-bikes.

This venture by Magna may be helping Canada in becoming a major competitor in the “bionic bikes” industry, but critics are saying that it also has the potential of becoming another financial failure, much like the doomed Magna Entertainment horse-racing project that cost the company millions of dollars in capital.

Even company CEO Frank Stronach may have lost some sleep over this new endeavor, but not his right-hand man, Manfred Gingl, who actually resigned from his position as vice-chairman and company director just so he could head up the new Magna Marque e-bike division.

Manfred Gingl has all the confidence in the world that e-bikes will be big in Canada, since he has already sunk $2 million of his own money into the venture. Even his boss, Stronach,…

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Eneloop Hybrid Bicycle by Sanyo

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Eneloop Hybrid Bicycle by Sanyo

eneloop hybrid bicycle by sanyo   Eneloop Hybrid Bicycle by Sanyo

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, this month Japanese electronics manufacturer, Sanyo, unveiled its e-bike, the Eneloop Hybrid Bicycle.

Sanyo’s e-bike takes the shape of a town bicycle with little evidence of being lithium-ion battery powered, too.

The Eneloop Hybrid Bicycle gets approximately 46 miles on a single charge. While braking and cruising down hill, the lithium-ion battery, which is harnessed to the bikes frame, charges for extended battery power.

E-bike manufacturers hope to increase its sales in the US market, but rely on a change in consumer attitudes to do so. For the most part, the negativity surrounding these hybrid machines are slowly lifting away. And they’ll continue to disappear with the rise in prices a the pump.

Though not a cheap investment, the Sanyo Eneloop Hybrid Bicycle is sure to save consumers in their commutes over the long course. At worst, in pedal-mode, the e-bike…

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