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2011 PiCycle Hybrid Electric Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 PiCycle Hybrid Electric Bike

2011 picycle hybrid electric bike   2011 PiCycle Hybrid Electric Bike

For a special riding experience, a unique and hi-tech bike is needed such as the 2011 PiCycle Hybrid Electric Bike. The latest model from Pi Mobility, PiCycle features the brand’s signature arch frame, which is aluminum heat-treated monocoque, with a simplified design.

With integrated Wi-Fi-based technology, riders monitor the bike’s performance from a distance and track it once stolen. Inside the arch frame of the electric bike is a 10 amp hour lithium-ion battery, which offers power to a front-mounted 750 watt/36 volt brushless DC motor.

For an average single charge, the 2011 PiCycle Hybrid Electric Bike can reach up to 20 miles with a recharge time of three and a half hours. Also featured by this hi-tech machine is a belt drive system, hydraulic brakes, a suspension seat post, a lacquer finish, and an internal hub transmission with shift-on-the-fly capabilities.

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2011 Spencer Ivy E-Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Spencer Ivy E Bike

2011 spencer ivy e bike   2011 Spencer Ivy E Bike

Spencer Ivy launches its 2011 e-bikes, the Spencer and the Ivy. Both commuter bikes run on Shimano Alfine 8-speed gears, Panasonic Lithium-ion 26volt 10 AH battery and a 250watt brushless motor that’s midmounted. There are 3 levels of assistance for the Panasonic motor and Spencer Ivy, which alows for as far as 50 miles before the need for recharging.

The e-bikes run with Shimano Deore XT brakes, Continental TopContact tires, Shimano hubs and LED lights from Busch and Muller.

The Spencer and the Ivy comes with a Pletscher EasyFix rear carrier and spring hinges, ABUS frame lock, a rear kick-stand and color-matched chainguard and mudguards. The Spencer has a 50cm frame made from aluminum while the Ivy comes in two sizes of 45cm and 49cm.

The 2011 Spencer Ivy E-bikes can be personalized with a Basil wicker basket for the front or a Pletscher child seat. MSRP for each bike is £1,895.00.

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Shimano STEPS Up

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano STEPS Up

shimano s t e p s up 300x212   Shimano STEPS Up

Shimano joins the E-Bike market with the launch of their Shimano Total Electric Power System (STEPS). A whole range of components and parts for E-Bikes were showcased, featuring the torque sensor and regenerative power capacities, easy-to-use and battery characteristics.

Invited to Shimano’s opening for STEPS were major European OEMs of about 250 E-Bike manufacturers and suppliers to learn all the specific features and salient perspectives of the system. Such features include a 250W brushless mounted on the front wheel along with a geared hub motor, a bottom bracket integrated torque sensor, a crankset with a rotation sensor, a rear carrier integrated battery and tail light, and a system management unit. The unit is composed of an integrated headlight, with an electronic shifting Nexus 8 speed gear hub, a cycle computer display and has brake button levers for system control and the power regenerative capabilities of the STEPS system.

STEPS highlights the Nexus…

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Commuter eBike from Nishiki

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Commuter eBike from Nishiki

commuter ebike from nishiki   Commuter eBike from Nishiki

The final blueprints of an electric concept bicycle by industrial designer Fredrik Rudenstam for Nishiki is underway, and it looks like it has a bright future in the bicycle community. With its new system that is powered by a lithium-ion battery, it has added power when the necessity arises that allows you to ride faster than usual and farther with the least amount of leg work.

The electric concept bicycle is founded in the principle of an all carbon frame, which employs the NuVinci rear hub that instantaneously switches according to your cadence, power and speed. The automatic engagement of the switching is due to the use of ball bearings in changing gears rather than the traditional sprocket system. This allows its rider to use all the gears available in any given situation.

The Nishiki ebike has an integrated battery giving Rudenstam the initiative to provide an added integrated LED light up…

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Cannondale Partners with Bosch for E-Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cannondale Partners with Bosch for E Bikes

cannondale partners with bosch for e bike 300x83   Cannondale Partners with Bosch for E BikesVenturing into the bike enterprise is the automotive giant Bosch with their first ever, new electronic drive system e-bike. It will be spec’d by Cannondale. Bob Burbank, general manager of Cannodale said that it will be marketed firstly in Europe. It will be showcased as a high-end Cannondale bike at Eurobike on its debut.

Both companies have collaborated on its engineering and design for more than a year and came out with an advanced performance and technology driven e-bike system that promises to be unique from anything else in the market. Cannondale and Bosch partnership is not exclusive. Bosch is looking to selling its drive system to other makers of e-bike.

Burbank declared, “We didn’t want a me-too product or slap on a current system, ‘Hey Cannondale’s got an e-bike.’ We wanted to work with a partner to make a system that would stand out.”

Rainer Jeske, head of Bosch Powertrain Systems,…

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Volkswagen VW Bik.e

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Volkswagen VW Bik.e

Volkswagen reveals its first e-bike at the Auto China 2010 last April 23-27, 2010. Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, the chief Development and Research for V-Dub, himself rode the VW bike on stage. It is a work of art as it is a mini bicycle with no pedals.

The VW bik.e is a part of the company’s “Think Blue” campaign which is sustainable ecological mobility. It is a remarkable battery powered device. It is also portable enough to be folded into the tire compartment of a car. It functions mainly as a vehicle support for your car although it is great for a relaxing ride.

There have been rumors up to this date that plans of putting out the VW bik.e commercially available to the public are highly probable. It has a 20 km range (12.5 miles) enough to get you to your destination if the situation demands. With its official 20 kph top…

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Daymak Wireless Electric Bike – Shadow

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Daymak Wireless Electric Bike   Shadow

new ebike from daymak 300x225   Daymak Wireless Electric Bike   ShadowThe world’s first wireless e-bike comes from Daymak. Known as the Shadow eBike, it is set to be released to US markets in July.

Michael Chow, VP of Daymak shares that through research they have identified two common problems encountered when using e-bikes. First is the presence of 30 ft wires dangling which can affect the bike’s performance if it was damaged or was cut, “By removing all outer wires from the frame, the Shadow resolves this challenge, making it exceptionally durable and easy to use. The Shadow eBike also has wireless support for the brakes, throttle and pedal system.”

The second problem was concerning the instability of imported controllers when the weight goes beyond 170 lbs on steep inclines. “The proprietary, patent pending Daymak Drive, developed and designed in Canada, addresses this challenge by producing more torque and faster speeds with greater energy efficiency,” said Chow.

The Shadow eBike has a…

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